Deck the Halls: your guide to Christmas decorations

The holiday season has begun. No doubt your stress levels are at an all-time high. You’ve got hundreds of gifts to buy, the children’s nativity play costumes to make and a big Christmas dinner to plan. But luckily, decorating your home doesn’t have to be a cause for alarm. The guys from bgo casino have put together 5 simple steps to decking out your home with Christmas decorations that will wow your friends and family.

Step 1: pick the perfect tree

Nothing makes your home feel more festive than a tree.

If you’re buying a real Christmas tree, select one that’s freshly-cut with bright, shiny needles. It’s good to do a bit of homework on the different types of trees available before you pick one out. That way you’ll know to avoid Norway Spruce trees, as they tend to drop more needles than Nordmann Firs.

Artificial trees cut out the messy business of needles entirely. Many come pre-lit and can be taken apart for easy storage when the festive season comes to an end. They also save you money (which is never a bad thing around Christmas), as they can be re-used again and again every year.

Whatever tree you choose, just remember to measure it before you bring it home. It sucks to buy a tree only to find it doesn’t fit in your living room.

Step 2: let your tree shine

A bare tree doesn’t shout Christmas. It needs to be decorated with lights, baubles, ribbons and other ornaments.

Set a colour scheme for your Christmas tree decorations. Reds and golds are perfect for those seeking a traditional look. Whites and silvers, on the other hand, can create a chic winter style more suited to modern homes.

Avoid loading your tree with too many decorations though. Instead, let all the family pick out (or even make) a few special ornaments to hang on the branches. That way your tree will look both elegant and homely for when your guests arrive on Christmas Day.

Step 3: make a statement with outdoor lights

Christmas is the perfect time to show off to the neighbours.

You’ll find plenty of outdoor decorations that’ll make your house stand out from the rest of the street. Choose from twinkling icicles that hang below your roof, to light-up reindeers that graze in your front garden. You can even line your window sills with simple fairy lights to give your house a cosy glow.

Be sure you wrap them up in a neat coil when you put them away after Christmas though. No one wants to spend hours untangling lights when you get them back out next year.

Step 4: turn gifts into decorations

As you start buying gifts for loved ones, make them double up as decorations. Wrap them in Christmas paper that matches your tree and make them look extra special using ribbons and bows. You can then line them up beneath the tree.

And don’t worry if your wrapping skills leave much to be desired. You can ask for the gifts you buy to be wrapped in store. Many department stores will do this for free. Alternatively, you can cut out the need for wrapping by purchasing beautiful gift boxes instead.

Step 5: set your table for a festive feast

For many of us, Christmas is the only time of year that all the family gathers together for dinner. That’s why it’s important your table is dressed to impress.

Match your table’s colour scheme with your Christmas tree and other decorations. We’d recommend using a plain table cloth with a coloured runner for a central focal point.

Don’t clutter your table with too many decorations (remember, you’re going to need room to lay out the Christmas turkey and side dishes).

Instead, have a main centre piece and a few nice touches like place settings. Adding handmade place settings will make your guests feel especially welcome. You can do this using anything – from pinecones, to decorated cookies. Just use your imagination and get crafting.

Ready to deck the halls?

These 5 simple steps should help you deck out your home for the festive season and impress your guests. I suppose all that’s left for us to say is merry Christmas!

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