Tattoo Regrets

Today I am going to talk about tattoos, whether you love them or hate them we all know someone who has a tattoo.  I know some love their tattoos, but have also seen people regret having their tattoo near enough straight away.


Tattoo Artist

I have never had a tattoo, one reason is I do not like pain and also what would happen if I got bored with it, or did not like it, I would be stuck with it for life.  My husband has a tattoo, he had done when he was younger, he hates it, and he has often talked about having it changed somehow, luckily it is easily covered.  When my sons grew into adults the first thing they did was get a tattoo, as if it was a mark of honour.  Then one would get a new tattoo, so the other would follow.  Nothing big but they had the bug.



Both myself and my husband had to sit them down, as yes it is their lives and their body, but although they are young now, they may have regrets when they were older.  Think about the future, and if they were having tattoos, make sure they had them somewhere they could be covered and not visible.

Being a Mum, I like to try to have answers for everything, as we all know Mum knows best, so I started looking into tattoo removal

I found two clinics that I felt if ever the time came for my boys to want to rectify their tattoos, that came across as professional and trustworthy.

Pulse Light Clinic

Pulse Light Clinic  offers a range of packages, and have over 15 years of expertise in skin care, and have even been seen on BBC and Channel 5.  They offer fewer treatments with better clearance and are one of only 2 clinics in the UK using the PicoSure and PicoWay lasers.

Tattoo removal treatments are for a minimum of 3 months, they open until 8pm so suitable for working around your work commitments.

City Tattoo Removal

City Tattoo Removal Clinic has three centres in London making it easier to find a clinic suitable for you.  They can remove all unwanted tattoos, using the Q-Switch RevLite, PicoSure and PicoWay, meaning that with their lasers even the toughest colours can be treated.  Suitable for all skin types on most colours, with fully trained and experienced tattoo removal specialists. They offer a range of packages suitable to your needs.

With this information to hand, I know that in the future, I will be able to talk to them about this, and know the best specialists to go to.

Maybe you know someone who has regretted a tattoo.




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