How To Create A Glamorous Bathroom On A Budget


There are a few rooms in the house that to me, are the most important rooms. One of those rooms is the bathroom. There is nothing nicer after a long and stressful day, than to turn on the taps and fill your bath and relax.  But sometimes you look around and feel it is just the place where you brush your teeth, or get clean.  It is not the luxurious, relaxing room you want it to be.

If you are wanting to refurbish your bathroom but on a budget. Why not add one feature to make your bathroom stand out

  • Flooring – Why not choose flooring that makes a feature. There are some lovely bathroom tiles around like, stone, slate or marble.
  • Bath Tub – If you fancy something a little different. Why not go for a copper bath, or gold or copper fittings for the taps
  • Sink – Instead of a normal bathroom sink, have a look at something different
  • Tiling – Why not add some mirrored tiles  when retiling. You can either make it uniform or go a little funky with the design.

If you are on a budget or not looking to refurbish your bathroom at the moment, work with what you have. Most bathroom suites are white these days, which makes it so much easier to give your bathroom that make over without costing a fortune.

Start by looking at what you have to work with and go from there

  • Fittings – Change your taps for something a little more modern or different
  • Shower – Update your shower head or look for ones that have LED in
  • Storage – Add some storage where you can keep items you need
  • Shelves – Put some shelves up and neatly fold towels on them or some nice toiletries, even some artificial flowers and candles
  • Toilet Seat – Update your toilet seat there are so many to choose from
  • Buy new Towels and bath mats – Nice flurry towels in a new colour and matching bath mat will make a lot of difference.
  • Mirrors – Buy a new mirror

There are so many options around where you can update your bathroom either on a tight budget or go for a complete transformation, Harrogate Bathrooms offer stylish and affordable bathroom designs.

Do you have any tips for upgrading your bathroom on a budget?


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