Bradbury The Jewellers Review and Discount

Everybody who knows me, knows that I love jewellery and wear it all the time. Especially bangles and bracelets, I am never seen not wearing them, whether it is daytime or evening, I love them.  I have always loved Folli Follie as they have always stood out as beautiful and elegant pieces.

When I was asked if I would like to work with Bradbury’s the Jewellers, I could only say yes. As it meant I could sit and look at Jewellery, which is something that I love to do.

Who are Bradbury’s


Bradbury’s are a traditional high-class boutique jeweller, they incorporate fine, bespoke jewellery alongside premier jewellery brands.  Bradbury’s offer traditional values in customer service. Value and honesty either via the internet or by visiting them in their high street location in Halifax.  Some of the brands they sell are

  • Carat London
  • Lins of London
  • Michael Kors
  • Olivia Burton
  • Folli Follie
  • Emporio Armani
  • Clogau

Which are all brands I love.

Ordering online is easy, the website is very easy to navigate and you can find your chosen items easily, along with high quality pictures so you really can see the item clearly.  I have often experienced disappointment when using other sites as the item does not look the same as what I have had delivered.  They also have customer service ready to help you find the jewellery you are looking for. The delivery was as expected with the item being packaged and delivered as would be expected.

The jewellery came beautifully presented and wrapped in gold paper with gold ribbon, unfortunately I do not have a picture to show how beautiful this was, so great for a gift idea if you do not like wrapping presents.  My Foli Follie bracelet came in a box, and on opening a soft pouch which is great for safe keeping when not wearing it.

I have had my eye on this Folli Follie toggle bracelet for a while now, and it is just as beautiful in real life as it is in the pictures.

If you are looking to buy jewellery for a loved one this Christmas, Bradbury’s are giving my readers a 15% discount by entering Blogger108 at the checkout.  This discount is available until 22nd November 2018.

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Comments (32)

  • Melissa 5 months ago Reply

    Beautiful! I too love jewelry and am always looking for something new.

    admin 5 months ago Reply

    I love jewellery as well, and can not fault the service and quality from Bradburys

  • Andrea 5 months ago Reply

    Beautiful piece of jewelry. I have family that lives in London. Anytime I buy something there I always get compliments on it! Thank you for sharing!

    admin 5 months ago Reply

    I love jewellery especially bracelets as I am always wearing them x

  • Monidipa Dutta 5 months ago Reply

    I am into simple and sophisticated jewelry.. especially rings. I would definitely check them out and I am bookmarking it..

    admin 5 months ago Reply

    I love rings as well x

  • laura dove 5 months ago Reply

    Oh I love jewellery and this is gorgeous! I dont have anywhere near enough jewellery as I would like, I keep dropping hints for xmas!

    admin 5 months ago Reply

    I love jewellery as well, maybe you should show the link to their site and see if it gets noticed

  • Jessica Lynn Martin 5 months ago Reply

    Bradbury’s looks like a beautiful jewelry store! I also love jewelry so I will have to check out their website. The bracelet that you got is gorgeous!

    admin 5 months ago Reply

    The bracelet is even nicer in real life, it is such a lovely store x

  • Chloe 5 months ago Reply

    I love jewellery and it’s surely a very nice Christmas gift idea 🙂 Love the bracelet your picked.

    admin 5 months ago Reply

    You can never go wrong with a nice piece of jewellery as a gift

  • Surekha Busa 5 months ago Reply

    What a beautiful a piece of Jewelry. I love discount when it comes on a jewelry or anything. I’ll have to check it out and get some piece to my niece.

    admin 5 months ago Reply

    It is a gorgeous bracelet, I do love nice jewellery and always look for quality in both the items and service

  • fashionandstylepolice 5 months ago Reply

    What a beautiful bracelet. I like the simple design a lot. Would love to see this in real life.

    admin 5 months ago Reply

    It is even nicer in real life x

  • Suchi 5 months ago Reply

    Omg!! I am obsessed with that bracelet!! Have to check it out!!:)

    admin 5 months ago Reply

    It is a beautiful bracelet

  • Karen Monica 5 months ago Reply

    I love jewellery especially bracelets. The Folli Follie bracelet is simply gorgeous. I would love to have one from Bradbury.

    admin 5 months ago Reply

    They are beautful bracelets, Bradburys carries a wide range of quality jewellery

  • Anna 5 months ago Reply

    The jewelry looks really good and thanks for the discount coupon as well.

    admin 5 months ago Reply

    The range of jewellery is amazing as is the ease of ordering and the delivery

  • Christopher Mitchell 5 months ago Reply

    Oh that’s really beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  • blair villanueva 5 months ago Reply

    This is so cute and a lovely gift this holiday season! It is good that they can delivery as well.

    admin 5 months ago Reply

    It is a beautiful piece of jewellery and they deliver and wrap beautifully

  • Hannah Marie 5 months ago Reply

    Wow, I love this piece of jewelry. I love bracelets too with minimal design. And the bow really make a dainty embellishment to it.

    admin 5 months ago Reply

    I have to say it is even nicer in realy life, I love pieces like this

  • Khushboo 5 months ago Reply

    That’s a beautiful piece of jewelry. I would love to have one. This is a good option for gifting too in Christmas.

    admin 5 months ago Reply

    It is beautiful, they have such a great range and everything comes gift wrapped saving you having to wrap it yourself

  • Mike Williams 5 months ago Reply

    My wife loves this kind of jewellery – I will have to take a look before Christmas. Shame i’ve missed the promo code!

    admin 5 months ago Reply

    It is beautiful, and if you order from there it comes fully wrapped as well 🙂

  • Lisa fucci 4 months ago Reply

    I’m like nifler!!!! All the shiny things!!!!! Or the crab in Moana!!! I love a gorgeous piece of jewelry. But I am a lazy jewelry wearer. It has to be able to stay on 24/7 for me to wear it lol.

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