Top Ways to Have A Positive Influence on Your Children

As parents, we are one of the biggest influences on your children, especially in their younger years. As they get into the teenage years, this impact slightly reduces due to outside pressures.  But this bond still creates the foundations of their decisions and how they have been influenced in their childhood. To instil positive vibes and the ability to choose right from wrong in a range of situations. Providing a positive influence is an essential step in their development. There are several ways that you can influence your children in positive and constructive ways and with support. They will go on to make positive influences themselves in later life.

Take a look at some of the ways you can help support your child’s development from an early age.

Set boundaries

Every parent has probably experienced their kids testing the boundaries on more than one occasion. Even from small toddlers and beyond. They start becoming aware of what they can do and what they can get away with. Placing limits on their behaviour can help positively reinforce your reasoning and trying to avoid being authoritarian in these cases will have the most effect. It’s natural for children to argue back. But trying to avoid confrontation will solidify your boundaries rather than unnecessarily thrashing them out.

Listen but try not to fix everything all the time

It can be hard not to try and resolve every issue your child has in life but lending an ear will help them to understand how to cope with different emotions. Giving your child the space to talk it out can sometimes resolve the issue itself and help them see solutions in a different light. Although you may want to patch it up for them, giving
them the freedom to overcome the solution will help make them a stronger person.

Set expectations

Expectation can be a healthy thing to aspire to if administered in the right way. These don’t have to be specific goals but could focus on building relationships and achievements in everyday situations. Being a positive influence here can also help children to aspire to be a better person both at home and in external environments. Encouraging children in a warm and rewarding way helps them to focus on high expectations rather than seeing them as a negative that is forced upon them. Sometimes we fail to positively influence in this area, as things like nagging can get in the way, but taking a look at this Influencing Skills guide could help get the results in a constructive way.

Show them love every day

This is possibly one of the easiest ways to positively influence your children because as much as they might drive you up the wall, your love for them is unconditional. Just by showing them every day that you are there, ready to listen and support them when needed can have profound effects on how the tackle life’s little problems and how they encourage others throughout life.



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