Fenetic Giving You A Helping Hand With Your Mobility

I was recently invited to join the Fenetic Wellbeing Campaign, to help promote and help those who suffer with mobility problems and help find the right product for their individual needs.

Why We Needed The Support

This could not have come at a better time for us. As you may have read previously, my Mother in Law stayed with us following my Father in Laws death. And ended up having a fall and breaking her shoulder and an infection which ended in her being admitted into hospital.

Her mobility is bad, she has since found out she has arthritis in her lower back. Which causes pain in her hips and her walking and mobility suffers.

She is also very stubborn and refuses to use support of any kind.  When she was staying here she refused to use my Daughters wheelchair. She refused to use a walking stick which we have a few around which my Dad used to use before having knee replacements. And she refused to use the frame she was given from the hospital.

She eventually returned home, still unstable and still refusing to use any aides to help her. She had the frame that she was given at the hospital, and told to use it just to support her. We also got her a fold up walking stick just to help her if needed. Which she can pop it in her handbag when not in use.

She still refuses to use anything and has admitted that friends have told her how unsteady she is walking. And she has admitted that she has had a couple more falls

The lifeline

Eventually she admitted she could not go out and do shopping with the walking stick due to her shoulder. So it was either use the stick or carry shopping.  So one day we turned up with this


Ultra lightweight rollator

The Ultra Lightweight Rollator it is very lightweight but very supportive with wheels for indoors and outdoors making it easy to get around on all surfaces, has a shopping bag, and folds flat for easy storage when not being used. She had no excuse not to use it as all her arguments had been covered at once.

We told her she has no excuse not to use it and to at least give it a try, she loves it, this has given her much more freedom, she can go anywhere with it, so light and easy to use and wishes she had got one sooner.

If you have a stubborn elderly relative, do not give in as there is the right aide out there to help them maintain their independence and freedom.



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I was gifted this item in order for a full and honest review, all opinions are my own.

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