Things To Look At When Re-Decorating A Room


When you are busy going about your day-to-day life, we often neglect certain areas of our home.  I am not talking about general day-to-day housework, I am talking about decor and decorating.

It is not until you think about redecorating, that you start to look at the rest of the room as well. This includes door frames, windows, skirting boards.  That you realise you have a few decisions to make.  Do you go for the easy option of redecorating. Or go for the longer option of replacing tired areas to your room.

Neither myself or my husband enjoy decorating. So we do it together, each having our own jobs we do. So we can work together and get the decorating finished quicker, and we do make a good team.

Last time we decorated, we did chat about other areas that was starting to look a little tired. And could maybe do with updating.

Half of our house is an old Victorian 2 up 2 down, and the other half is more modern.  So in the older part of the house, things are starting to look a little tired, and this is something we have talked about.

The windows are ok, as recently replaced in keeping with the style of the house. But the skirting and door frames and doors do need updating.  Unfortunately, the doors are going to be a big job. As they are not standard fitting and would need a professional carpenter. And we would need to purchase quite a few doors to keep the doors matching.

The skirting is a much easier job, and something we have been discussing for a while, and will be replaced when we decorate next.

This has caused many a heated discussion in our household, I never knew there was so many options of skirting boards, luckily I have found somewhere, that you can request free samples, so that you can find the perfect skirting board for your room.

I can not wait now, until we next decorate as this is going to make a huge difference to the finish of the room.

Do you like decorating?


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