Blogtober 2018 – Day 18 – Respect Everyone


Today is Day 19 of Blogtober 2018, and the theme today is Respect Everyone, for ‘World Values Day’.   This is something that should not have to be talked about really. Unfortunately needs to be mentioned every now and then.

In an ideal world, everyone will be respectful

  • Say hello with a smile
  • Always say Thank you
  • Say Please
  • Always say Sorry

Just a few simple little words that go such a long way. Sadly some words that people find the hardest to say.

I was always told when growing up that if you can not say something nice, then say nothing at all. And treat others how you would like to be treated yourself.  This is something that has stuck with me throughout my life and something I have told my children.

After thinking long and hard how to write this post. I have decided to share my experiences from yesterday and the few observations I made.

My recent experience

Yesterday, we had to visit the hospital with my Daughter, on entering A&E you immediately saw posters all around about zero tolerance of abuse to staff.  Whilst waiting in  line to be seen, I witnessed a member of staff having to deal with an awkward patient.

When sitting in the children’s A&E department, I heard a parent speak to a member of staff with rudeness, yes we are all there because our child is ill, yes we are all worried.  But I sat and watched the staff administer care and attention to all patients.

Once my Daughter had been examined, we had to wait for the doctor to speak to her consultant who was on duty, and write-up her notes, so we could go to the ward to be seen.  When a woman walked into the unit with her Daughter, and was asked if they had checked in at main reception, the woman responded no, so was asked to go and check in and then come back.  This is procedure and she got a little irate.

When we got to the assessment ward, it was manic but all staff had smiles on their faces and were working so hard, and knowing they are dealing with ill babies and children, they never let their professionalism down.  There was one Mum who was rude and abrupt to the staff again.

I have never really taken much notice before, as usually just deal with my own circumstances, but it really made me realise that people do not have the values to respect people these days, which is sad.

Why I expect it

Having worked in customer facing roles, I know how much a little respect can make all the difference.

So come on lets change things, give a smile to someone, or be polite and make someones day a little easier.

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Comments (2)

  • Anne 6 months ago Reply

    Hospital staff have a lot to deal with. Some people cannot bear to wait for even a short time and have such short fuses. Yes, they are worried, but being polite won’t hurt. ON the other hand, it’s such a shame that we have such a marvellous system like the NHS which is stressed to it’s absolute limits which only adds to the stress of the patients. Yes, I’ve spent a couple of hours on a bed in a corridor at the hospital and it’s horrid, yet it happens all the time 🙁
    Respect is something that we should all teach our children, sadly in the past respect was taught with a slap and now that has been taken away it’s taking a long time for people to understand what to do to replace it and we have a generation that has grown up with little respect for anyone or anything. 🙁
    Sorry for rambling, this is a great post and a perfect example of what we need to change x

    admin 6 months ago Reply

    I totally agree with everything you have said, respect is something that is earnt but something you have to give. I was in McDonalds with my two stepsons a couple of years ago, both grown ups and the eldeset was so disrespectful to a member of staff, it was very busy and he thought he was being clever. I layed into him and made him apologise. A few still laughed others (yes older) gave me a well done look. I do not except being treated like that, they have been brought up on our side not to be like that, and I do not tolerate it x

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