Surviving The School Run With Aviva


Mention school run to any parent, and they all get that same look on their face.  Ever since C started school it has been a nightmare.

It was stressful even before we got out of the house. From the getting up out of bed, to the slowest pace of eating breakfast, and then there is the getting dressed. How it can take anyone 10 minutes to put one sock on is beyond me.  Then the reminding for the 10th time about brushing teeth, and then comes the hair. This was always a major stress in our house in the mornings.  This is before getting into the car for the school run, maybe this explains my blog name.

Starting The School Run

Finally ready we head out to the car, and even this can cause stress. As you say the same thing as you say every morning.  Have you got your lunch, homework, water bottle, pe kit.  The usual reply is yes, so you get in start the car and hear they have forgotten something.  I can hear you all now agreeing with me.

Finally, we can start the journey. We live on a busy main road where I have to cross to the other side. So it can be a nightmare at times.  You have to wait for a gap on our side, praying that no one comes out of the garage down the road, so you can time it right to pull across and into a gap now made in the standstill traffic. All the while trying to keep smiling and not shouting and swearing at idiots, who purposefully  close in the gap.

I would sometimes pick up C’s best friend along the way. And have two girls chattering, laughing and singing in the back of the car. While I sat in traffic, making mental notes of things to do that day. Or listening to the radio, or the girls in the back.  Then there would be the dreaded trying to find somewhere to park.  It was a nightmare, but also meant C got he best of both worlds as she would walk to school as well.

The happy journeys

The best school journeys we had, was when my husband brought me a little run around. C loved it, as did all the kids who nicknamed it the baked bean.  She could never wait to get out the door, and would be very upset if her Dad had the car and we were using the family car.

When C started Secondary school, my school run days where over (or so I thought), there were days when the buses were cut out, and I would have to drive her in, or pick her up.  And since becoming ill, I drive her in and pick her up now.

We have had a few knocks on our travels, once coming back and finding my wing mirror on the ground, another time a car just knocked into me.  Luckily I had motor insurance to help with the cost.  Also there is a great app where you can link your dash cam to, that will record any knocks and also prove who is at fault, and the best bit you get a discount as well.

School runs are stressful, but they can be fun, and you get to chat and have fun with your kids and something I will treasure.

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