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Food! It’s a love-hate relationship sometimes, isn’t it? We may tuck into a great carvery dinner at a local pub, a quick takeaway at the weekend, or even over indulge on the snacks whilst watching a film, but sometimes we find ourselves feeling bloated and tired afterwards.

I have recently dipped my toes into food intolerance testing, as I wanted to pinpoint the foods which could be causing a reaction in my body. I’ve been interested in the relationship between health and food for a while now, so I decided to take my intolerance† test with YorkTest as they seemed the most reputable with over 35 years’ experience and are also the UK’s leading provider.

Whilst searching for the right food intolerance test, I came across cheap alternatives on discounted websites. However, YorkTest have a buyers’ guide which breaks down each competitor and mentions how many tests have no basis in science; it’s all pretty interesting and actually quite concerning if you were caught out by these kinds of food intolerance tests! If you’re interested in food intolerance, you can take a look at their buyers’ guide here.

The test I chose from YorkTest is their best-selling programme: Premium Food&DrinkScan. This analyses your IgG reactions (basically testing your reactions to the proteins in foods) to over 200 food and drink ingredients. Your results are presented in a traffic light format – red showing a reaction, yellow indicating a borderline reaction and green means you have no reaction, so you can chomp on those foods as your heart desires!

What is also interesting is that the programme comes with two 30-minute calls with one of their registered nutritional therapists. They’re all associated with the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine professional body and are fully-credited. They help you to understand your results and find equally nutritious alternatives, so you can remove your trigger foods safely.

Because of how rigorous their testing is, and the level of aftercare included in the programmes, I also purchased a FoodScan Junior programme for my teenage daughter. I wanted to see if it could improve her overall health by taking a closer look at her diet. This analyses reactions to 158 food and drink ingredients, and still comes with two 30-minute calls.

After ordering from their website, I received our kits and I was excited to get started! Luckily, these home-to-lab kits are a simple finger-prick blood test, almost like a glucose test a diabetic would need to carry out. My daughter was a little nervous about drawing some blood at first, but we were told I was able to draw the sample from the heel of her foot, so she couldn’t see it, or feel it as much due to the thick layer of skin.

I sent my test off with their prepaid envelope and waited a few days for the results.

What were your results?! I bet that’s what you’re thinking! Well, my results came back along with a host of aftercare support, like a food and drink diary, guidebook and even a handy results card to show in restaurants.

I had one red reaction, which means that I should try to eliminate this from my diet for a period of 12-weeks. This red reaction was cow’s milk. There were a few borderline reactions which indicates that I should try to decrease my consumption to no more than two times a week. These ingredients were yeast, goat’s milk (looks like animal milk doesn’t seem to agree with me), millet and saffron.

My next step would be to arrange one of my consultations with one of their nutritional therapists. I’ve been told that these consultations are useful, especially when it comes to finding out what foods contain yeast, or millet, for example, and devising a plan to optimise my diet.

I mentioned in a recent blog post that we should never underestimate the importance of good health. I now feel in control over what foods and drinks are causing a reaction in my body. It’ll be exciting to take to the shops and add to my trolley some new foods to try!

Are you thinking about taking a food intolerance test yourself? Do you want me to share my daughter’s results?

You can check out YorkTest at along with symptom guides and advice pages. You’ll also be able to read customer reviews. If you prefer to call, their free phone number is 0800 074 6185.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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