Blogtober 2018 – Day 9 – Invitations/Letters – World Post Day

Today is Day 9 of Blogtober 2018, and the theme for today is Invitations/Letters as it is World Post Day.


In today’s society we rarely send letters, as we can email or text and it is with the recipient immediately, we no longer write letters to each other and post them.  This is quite sad really, as we all love receiving post, that is not a bill or circular which seems to be what we all get daily. I know I am guilty of this.

I remember my Grandma would sit in her bedroom at her desk on a Sunday afternoon, and write letters to her friends.  She had moved so did not see them, and this was how they communicate.

Although, I do tell my Daughter how much I love her, how proud I am of her if she has done something and reflecting on various events.  A few of the letters I have written can be found below.

A letter I wrote to her on her 13th birthday

A Mums Letter From the Heart

A Letter To My Beautiful Daughter

My most recent letter to my Daughter

I know she does not read my blog, but all these letters and the others I have written, have all had a meaning.  They have all been written from the heart, often with the raw emotions that I was feeling at the time.  In years to come she may look back and read my blog.  She will see my letters and know just how much I loved her. As well as how much I fought for her, and kept my emotions hidden from her.

Writing a letter to a family member or friend, can make all the difference to that persons day.  It shows you care, that you were thinking about them.  It is also something they can keep and go back to again and again.

Do you write letters, or do you do the same as most of us and email or text?




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Comments (6)

  • Beautiful post, I love that you write to your daughter.

    admin 6 months ago Reply

    I write to her a lot it is a way I can get my feelings out and let her know how proud of her we are x

  • I have just written my annual letter to Pickle as he turns 6 on Friday. I love it – but it is only digital on my blog. Kaz

    admin 6 months ago Reply

    How can he be turning 6, I remember when he was a little, I will be writing two letters next month one to my Daughter and one to my Granddaughter x

  • Kim Carberry 6 months ago Reply

    My Blogtober post today is about how we don’t write letters anymore. It is a bit rubbish.
    In years to come it would be wonderful if your daughter did the letters. x

    admin 6 months ago Reply

    It is such a shame that letter writing is a thing of the past, I hope one day she will look back and see what I have written x

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