Blogtober 18 – Day 6 – National Badger Day

It is Day 6 of Blogtober 18, and today we are talking about Forest Creatures, as today is National Badger Day.

We all know what a badger is, but rarely see them.  So I thought I would try to find some fun facts and information about them.

What is a Badger?

A Badger is a small mammal from the same family that includes, otters, polecats and weasels.  They are usually found in North America, Ireland, Great Britain and most of Europe.

Badgers prefer to live in dry, open grasslands, fields and pastures.

The average lifespan of a Badger in the wild is 4 to 10 years in the wild.  In captivity they have been known to live for 26 years.

Fun Facts

  • There are 11 species of badger, which are grouped into 3 types, Melinae, Mellivorinae and Taxideinae
  • Badgers are nocturnal mammals
  • A badger has a stocky body with short legs, that are suitable for digging.  They dig burrows underground, these are called a sett.
  • The sett is often a maze of tunnels and chambers, which sleeps around 6 badgers.
  • A badger can grow to nearly a meter in length
  • The average weight of a badger is around 9 – 11g
  • A male badger is called a boar, the female is called a sow and the young are called cubs.
  • A group of badgers is called a cete, which is usually 2 -1 badgers.
  • Badgers were eaten in Britain during World War II

There is one famous badger that I could not forget to talk about today, Mrs Tiggy-Winkle, who is just one of the characters from Beatrix Potter. A lovely story which was first published in October 1905.

Do you like Badgers?

Is there any other fun facts you know of that I have missed out?

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