5 Ways to Raise Creative Kids


How can one even quantify creativity? And if one cannot quantify something, how can you even think about nurturing and directing it? Fortunately, humans are inherently curious creatures, and this instinct alone honed evolution as a key aspect of survival against the harshness of nature.

Therefore, the trick is knowing what not to do to stifle the natural path of exploration.

1. Avoid Habituation

It is very tempting to establish structures and daily habits to make everything predictable and easier to handle, but you can achieve stability without enforcing such bubbles of stagnation. How? Simply expand the categories for activities, and vary activities within them instead of setting up a specific activity. Uncertainty creates cognitive malleability, and cognitive malleability creates a creative mindset.

2. Don’t Punish Failure

Every failure should be viewed as a valuable lesson. If you create such an environment in which children have anxiety from failure, their top priority becomes avoidance, not creativity. Exploring why something failed itself instigates creativity by envisioning different routes which could have been taken, leading to alternative results. Just pointing that something is bad serves no one.

3. Don’t Over-Praise

It cannot be overstated how much praise means to kids, especially if it comes from someone they admire and respect. Therefore, it should be used very sparingly. In most circumstance, it is best to construct an objective response that assesses for improvement, while acknowledging the good work done. Praise focuses only on the latter part. Notice improvements in an objective manner without covering it with exaggeration.

4. Select Proper Playthings

Some toys are leagues apart when it comes to promoting the creative mindset. For instance, The Works gives you the ability to finish your own figurines. If your kid is a fan of some particular character it would be quite easy to engage him/her. Try the exceedingly affordable Disney Design It Yourself Mini Figure World – Devilish Tigger, just to start with.

5. Become a Role Model

Can you expect your kid to be creative if they don’t see some measure of creativity from yourself? Fortunately, this is very easy to rectify considering the sheer range of activities you can partake in your free time. No matter what it is trying to share it with your kid. It could be something physical like cooking or painting, or something digital, like exploring your creativity with a VR headset, which can simultaneously include your kids as well. HTC Vive system has this capability.


Giving your children the ideal tools to develop will help them a long way. Children retain a lot of information since they are very young, and for that reason the way that they are raised influences them a lot in the long run.

Their creativity’s a big part of the person they will become and what they will do as adults. Showing them and providing them with the necessary equipment to develop and boost their creativity will only help them branch out and become greater human beings with different capabilities in numerous sectors.

Think wisely about what you want to teach your kids at a young age, and be smart about every decision you take on their behalf.

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