Blogtober 2018 – Day 4 – Ditty as it is National Poetry Day


Day 4 of Blogtober 2018, has the theme of Ditty, as it is National Poetry Day.  You can find out more about Poetry Day here

This year the theme for National Poetry Day is Change, there is a huge list of poems along this topic here which will be added to daily.

Whether you love poetry or hate it, there is always some form of poetry in something we read or think about each day.  My Daughter has a natural flair for poetry, and could write a poem so easily.   She has even had her poetry published in a book and a certificate with her poem printed on it.

I was looking through the list of recommended poems, thinking I will choose one, and ended up reading them all and finding it was a harder job to choose one after all.

In the end I chose The Seedling by Paul Laurence Dunbar

As a quiet little seedling

Lay within its darksome bed,

To itself it fell a–talking,

And this is what it said:

“I am not so very robust,

But I ‘ll do the best I can;”

And the seedling from that moment

Its work of life began.

So it pushed a little leaflet

Up into the light of day,

To examine the surroundings

And show the rest the way.

The leaflet liked the prospect,

So it called its brother, Stem;

Then two other leaflets heard it,

And quickly followed them.

To be sure, the haste and hurry

Made the seedling sweat and pant;

But almost before it knew it

It found itself a plant.

The sunshine poured upon it,

And the clouds they gave a shower;

And the little plant kept growing

Till it found itself a flower.

Little folks, be like the seedling,

Always do the best you can;

Every child must share life’s labor

Just as well as every man.

And the sun and showers will help you

Through the lonesome, struggling hours,

Till you raise to light and beauty

Virtue’s fair, unfading flowers.

Do you like poetry? Which is your favourite poem?

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Comments (14)

  • Anne 7 months ago Reply

    That is such a sweet poem, and so true.

    admin 7 months ago Reply

    Thank you x

  • That’s lovely

    admin 7 months ago Reply

    Thank you x

  • Kim Carberry 7 months ago Reply

    Aww! I really like that poem. I have never read it before.

    admin 7 months ago Reply

    I hadn’t either before I read it, and thought I would share it x

  • I’ve not heard that one before, its really lovely and perfect for spring. I’ve got so many favourites, but this one definitely sticks in my mind: The snail and the fail – by Dawn from Rhyming with Wine 🙂 #blogtober18

    admin 7 months ago Reply

    I hadn’t heard of this poem either until I read this one and loved it x

  • MotherGeek 7 months ago Reply

    Love this poem. Reminds me of spring. #Blogtober

    admin 7 months ago Reply

    I know, my favourite season x

  • GirlsGospel 7 months ago Reply

    Oooh this one makes me think of my hubby and his allotment 🙂 #Blogtober

    admin 7 months ago Reply

    It had a similar feeling with me but with my Dad and his garden x

  • Rachel Simons 6 months ago Reply

    Lovely poem, thanks for sharing #Blogtober18

    admin 6 months ago Reply

    Thank you x

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