What to Do if You Are Hurt in Public


Slips, trips and falls can happen in any environment, but an accident or injury in a public place which happens through no fault of your own can be a cause of a personal injury claim. These incidents may be the fault of the person injured, but sometimes it can be due to the general environment, and perhaps, even negligence in health and safety regulations. By ensuring you make a detailed report and document everything that happened can vastly help you when you make your claim.

If you wish to make a claim, first, you need to collect evidence and create a detailed report. Next, there are a few steps you need to take, which are outlined below.

Report the Accident

Reporting your slip, trip or fall to the owner of the premises is very important. Ensure that they have recorded your incident, taking the details and how it happened. Record the time, date and any conditional information. It may be best to also request a copy of the incident reports for your own records and make sure that this is signed.

If the incident happened in a shop, supermarket, restaurant or similar, you should also report this to the Health and Safety Authority which can then lead to an investigation of the premises.

Document the Accident

Record every detail of the accident, which can not only help you recall the incident, but it is also essential to make your slip trip and fall claims. Your first action should be to ensure you get the medical attention you need, but if you can do so safely, photograph the area where the accident took place.

Slips, trips and falls can happen in almost any environment; whether this is due to uneven or broken footpaths or a slippery floor in the environment, these can all lead to serious personal injury. While some accidents may happen due to the person who suffered the accident, some cases may be attributed to the negligence of the area or the business responsible.

Seek medical attention for your injuries

No matter how big or small your injury may be, you need to seek medical attention. Sometimes shock can mask the extent of the injuries to have sustained from the accident, so it’s better to get checked early on than realise later that you require more treatment and rehabilitation than you initially thought. Seeking the help of a medical practitioner will also help verify that your injury occurred and can further add to the evidence you can use during your claim.

Accidents and injuries may be inevitable in everyday encounters; even your own home can be a hazard. While some incidents may be due to an individual’s fault, an accident in public may be due to the negligence of the company and can be a serious breach of health and safety regulations. Reporting the incident can not only help you receive compensation for an accident that is not due to your own fault but can also prevent future incidents from happening to unsuspecting customers.

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