5 Online Resources You Can Use To Enhance Your Kid’s Cognitive Abilities

Cognition refers to a person’s ability to process and retain information including verbal and written communication. Developing these skills takes time, and in some cases, delayed development of cognitive skills occurs. Luckily, enhancing these abilities in your children is possible. Doing so gives them a head start in life, and it is inexpensive if you have access to the right resources. Here are 5 online resources you can use to enhance your kid’s cognitive abilities.

  1. Writing Samurai

Jerry Lee is an English tutor and a Director at the Grade Solution Learning Center in Hougang, Singapore. He founded https://writingsamurai.com/ to help local and international students. This website has online courses and useful teaching materials that children can access from anywhere on the globe. These materials include model compositions and free test papers. They will improve your children’s ability to learn new words and to use them correctly. Consequently, there will be an incredible improvement in their composition writing skills.

  1. 2. The Well-Trained Mind

This online resource is mostly suitable for parents who prefer homeschooling to conventional schooling. It gives parents access to videos and articles on homeschooling. For example, you can find videos on what to teach and how to do it. Additionally, the Well-Trained Mind offers books and articles focusing on these areas. It is worth noting that this online resource pursues a classical way of teaching kids. More specifically, it starts with grammar and then it progresses to logic and rhetoric.

  1.   BrainPOP

Dr. Avraham Kadar founded BrainPop in 1999. Initially, he developed it as a creative way of explaining difficult concepts to his young patients. Then he realized that he could apply this creativity to helping kids learn about the world. Today, BrainPop educates children on various subjects such as Social Studies, English, and Math. It also teaches them about Art, Music, Healthcare, and Engineering. The principal resource that it has for explaining all of these things is animated videos.

  1. Disney Central Story

This online resource improves your children’s reading ability. It does that by providing them with a vast selection of e-books. These books contain some of their favorite characters from Disney productions including Mickey Mouse and Doc McStuffins. The reading resources include read-along narrations as well to help kids complete their sentences. These narrations also teach them to pronounce words correctly. Finally, Disney Central Story incentivizes children to read as well because they earn virtual trophies as they improve this skill.

  1. Astro Nora: Addition and Subtraction Math

Astro Nora focuses on developing addition and subtraction skills in children. This online resource introduces them to number grid lines as well. Kids will solve the problem at hand using these math skills and gridlines. In this case, the challenge is ensuring that Nora travels back to earth. She is an astronaut who crash-landed on an alien planet. Children can help her by answering questions on addition and subtraction. Correct answers to these questions facilitate her return. Moreover, this game has virtual rewards to motivate the kids to continue playing.



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