Planning A Fun Weekend For The Whole Family

The perfect antidote to a few weeks of stressful family strife is a well-planned family break that gets you all out of the house for a weekend away from it all. It doesn’t matter whether there’s an occasion to be celebrated or if you’re simply looking to treat your whole family to something special, this article will show you how to get yourselves off and away for the perfect weekend of family fun. Pack your bags, ready your bookings, and prepare for relaxation and enjoyment.


This is your major cause for concern when taking a weekend away with the children: where will you stay, and how appropriate will the hotel, guest house, campsite or AirBnB be for your children? Online research certainly helps in this respect, with all kinds of accommodation comparison sites coming with review capabilities and the ability for guests to review the suitability for children to stay. Ensure you’ve got enough room to be comfortable and that you are not exceeding your budget by doing this research and booking in advance so that you get the best possible deal on your mini-stay away.


Sometimes, a weekend away is all about being far away from anywhere that might normally be called a ‘destination.’ These trips might involve a stay in a cottage in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales, or a hotel stay in a remote seaside resort that’s fallen out of favour with mass tourism. But for all other trips where you’re going for detonation-based activities, you’ll want to consider what’s got the right mix of restaurants, attractions and child-friendly fun to be perfectly suited to your family’s desires. Whether that’s a city, a beach or a quaint town is entirely up to you.


Whether you’re an adventure-loving family or you tend to enjoy a more relaxed paces of holiday fun, there’s the whole weekend to fill with antics and frolics that parents and kids will enjoy equally. If you’re heading to the capital, check out some of the cheapest tickets to the top tourist attractions in London so that you’re well-prepared with bookings to avoid the crowds, while other destinations such as a Center Parks will likewise require bookings of the activities that your family will enjoy together, whether that be horse riding or archery. Book and plan in advance, so it’s a breeze on the

Food & Drink

There’s nothing worse than having a full day of activities planned but finding that you’re not especially well-equipped when it comes to feeding and ‘watering’ your children. Often, it’s this oversight that can slightly ruin a family’s weekend away, so it’s crucial that you leave enough time to eat well, and that you carry enough snacks and liquids to keep you all happy while you’re out and about exploring new places, creating memories, or relaxing with your feet up and a board
game or jigsaw puzzle.
Weekend family getaways are some of the most precious times you’ll spend in your family unit, so follow these planning tips to make yours go off without a hitch.

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