Lets Talk Blood

Lets Talk Blood

Ok I know this is a very off topic thing to talk about, but we all have blood, and a lot of us even donate blood, but do we know much more about our blood, Medical Travel Compared who offer travel insurance for those with medical conditions or over 65’s have launched a great new  interactive tool that can tell you about your own blood.

You & Your Exraordinary Blood

You & Your Exraordinary Blood

You start by putting in your weight, I am not ready to disclose my actual weight to the world, so have used their preset example of 12 stone 4 pounds.

This is what I found out

  • You start your life with around 0.5 pints of blood – at this point you were consuming three times the amount of blood in your body with milk.
  • At 12 stone 4 pounds your body contains around 8.9 pints of blood
  • Your 8.9 pints of blood contains around 25.3 trillion red blood cells
  • 35.4 billion white blood cells
  • 1.5 trillion platelets
  • When you give blood you normally donate 470 ml (or just less than a Grande at Starbucks) – which is 9.3% of the 8.9 pints of blood in your body
  • Your blood is regenerating all the time – you create 2 million red blood cells every second, which replaces  those that have reached their 120 day life span
  • After a blood donation your body produces these at a faster rate

You can donate up to 3 pints of blood a year which varies between males and females

  • 2.01 would be used for patients with cancer, anaemia or other blood disorders
  • 0.81 would be used in surgery
  • 0.18 would be used due to blood loss in child-birth

Why not have a look for yourself and find out about your blood and other interesting facts

Blood donation only takes a small amount of your time and can help so many lives, always check before donating as there are some conditions that mean you are unable to donate.

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