The top 4 things to look for when buying a toddler bed

As a way of taking good care of children, you will have to consider buying a good bed fit for their age, especially. Suitable beds for kids help them be comfortable in their sleep, which is essential for growth.

Many parents continue to debate whether a toddler bed is necessary for any child. Well, the answer is yes if you identify that he or she is still too small to sleep in an adult-sized bed.

The process of selecting the best bed for your kid is not easy. You should pay attention to certain qualities when buying one. Here are some factors to consider the next time you are shopping for a good toddler bed.


  1. Always go for a stable bed

We know how kids love to play. They can turn anything into a playground, including that bed that you bought for him or her.

Therefore, when selecting, go for beds with sturdy wooden or metallic frames. It should stand the weight of the child and the mattress. As you purchase, walk into the store, check the weight dimensions of the bed, and sit on it to find out whether it can break down when your child sleeps on it.

Remember that toddlers will spend up to 13 hours a day sleeping. Besides, you want a bed that he or she will use for a long time.

  1. Consider safety

Children can fall while they are asleep. You will have to consider that as you buy the bed, which is the reason that experts recommend beds with a low height.

It will be easy for the toddler to get in and out of his or her bed. Additionally, prefer on having a bed that has rails on both ends. Even if the bed is next to a wall, always install rails on both ends. It prevents the child from sticking his or her hands or legs in between the frame and the wall.

Some beds will come with installed rails while others will not. If it lacks, manufacturers ensure that the add some holes to place the rails that you will have to purchase separately.

  1. Select the appropriate size

You toddler’s bone structure is still in its early developing stages, and it would hurt him or her when he or she sleeps on an adult bed.

Always go for beds designed for his or her age. Manufacturers consider the child’s age when building the beds; thus, consult the vendor before you purchase it. When it comes to the mattress, it should fit the bed correctly. Select a firm mattress to prevent the child from sinking in, which could lead to suffocation.

Depending on the size you want to buy, be sure to consider the size of the room, and the amount of space that you want the bed to occupy.

  1. Healthy issues

It is obvious that you will meet a child, not once or twice, putting his or her mouth on the frame, whether it is wooden or metallic. The finish can contain toxic chemicals.

Consult your manufacturer to find out the kind of finish on the wood. Ensure that it does not contain any toxic chemicals that could affect your child’s health. You can choose to paint it yourself, which means that you have to look for volatile organic compounds.

To add some confidence to the type of bed that you are buying, research to find out whether it has a safety consumer rating.


To add a little personal touch, you could customise the bed into an attractive design for your child. For instance, including car designs and superhero images on the frames, as this could stimulate sleep and encourage them to sleep on it more often.

Review a few options to see what the market offers before making a choice. Sites, such as top10bestpro, review a variety of baby products.

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  • Yeah Lifestyle 7 months ago Reply

    These are great tips which you have shared…safety, material and cot sized were things we looked at when we got a cot for our kids

    admin 7 months ago Reply

    There is so much to consider when you are a parent, that sometimes it can be quie confusing to know what to look for x

  • Rachael 7 months ago Reply

    Very good tips, I definitely recommend getting something sturdy! I think wood is better and easier to fix if slats do get broken.

    admin 7 months ago Reply

    I agree as we all know how they love turning a bed into a trampoline x

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