When To Get A Gardener

We have a huge garden, with a big lawn, apple trees, plum and cherry tree, flower boarders. Sadly neither myself or my husband are keen gardeners and find just cutting the grass a chore.

My Dad used to be a keen gardener, until he had his stroke and his love seems to have disappeared. Our poor garden has been showing that, and turning more and more into a jungle than a garden.

We recently made the decision to hire a gardener, to turn our jungle back into a family garden again. We had no idea where to start, so I turned to Facebook and sent out a recommendations request. I got a few do not use, but did get a recommendation from my friends son, as his friend had his own business.  I did check his work and made contact and he seemed polite, which always goes a long with me.

He came around, I had warned him of the state of our garden, and he seemed keen to take on the challenge and booked us in for the following week.  We agreed two hours a week and basically told him our garden is in his hands and to tidy it up.

I have to say we really have been lucky. He is a very hard worker and our garden is starting to look like a proper garden again.

When deciding if you need to hirer a gardener there are lots of things to consider first, what would you require them to do?

  • Garden Maintenance
  • Lawn Care
  • Border Work
  • Soft landscaping
  • Plant Care
  • Do they have qualifications
  • Do they have recommendations
  • Do they have a minimum call out charge
  • Do they offer fixed rates
  • What is there hourly rate

If you are thinking of getting a gardener, ask them to visit so you can talk about what you want and get a proper quotation  before deciding on hiring.




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