Winter Is Coming – Do You Feel A Draft?

Summer has gone , and the kids are back at school and you can feel the evenings are getting cooler and as we move towards winter and the cold winter days and nights.  Now is the time to start making sure your home is ready and banish the drafts.

The first place to start is your windows, do you get any drafts? Are they old? Can you replace your current windows in your budget? What type of window are available?

Replacing windows is a big purchase and something you need to look into fully, one of the easiest things to do is ask friends if they have any recommendations of local companies to use, have they heard about ay disaster stories of any local company.

Get A Window, have some great tips on their website, where you do not actually need to replace your windows every time, for example

  • Windows do not open fully – You may just need to buy replacement parts or simple lubrication
  • Windows let in a draught – Replace the draft excluder or fill in cracks with nail varnish

Plus many more tips and advice

We had replacement windows put in a couple of years ago, the first thing we did was ask around friends to see if they had any recommendations, we then called a few companies to ask for a quotation, some never got back to us, some their prices and service was awful, and only two actually took the time to come out and sit with us and go through all our options, measured our windows properly and and gave us reasonable quotes and time frames, they even saved us money as we thought we needed a replacement window, and they said it could be repaired, which they did free of charge, we also checked to make sure that they were accredited with a FENCA so we knew we would be putting our new windows into the hands of professionals.

Get a quote from a few companies, look at their work, ask around your friends and family for recomendatons, and go with those who you feel happiest with.

Is your home winter ready?



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