How I Relax At Home

As many of you will know, I am married and have children and grandchildren, plus my two dogs, and work from home, so my life is pretty busy, which any Mum can tell you.

Running a home is a full-time job on its own with the constant housework, washing, ironing, cleaning, cooking, school runs, remembering appointments, and the list goes on and on.  Throw into that also having two dogs who constantly remind me they need to be walked and also working from home, you can easily see how being a working parent often is very long hours.

So as a family and for myself I do need to remember to take time out to relax and have some fun.

So how do I relax?

  • Walking the dogs – although sometimes I find it a chore, it is nice to get out in the fresh air and just switch off for a while.
  • Shopping – what girl does not like to splash the cash every now and then and treat herself to something new
  • Friends – although at times it is hard for us to get together, we do try to get out even for a coffee and chat
  • Baking – one thing that I find very relaxing and therapeutic is baking and you get something nice at the end
  • Music – Listening to music has always been something I have loved, and find nothing nicer than putting my music on and relaxing with a good book.
  • Grandchildren – my no one way to relax, I just wish I could see them more often than I do
  • Watching films – I love either watching films with my husband or daughter, and we often look through the DVD Chart to see what is new and what our next purchase is going to be.

How do you like to relax when you get the time?






  1. 10th September 2018 / 1:50 pm

    I love to colour or paint my nails to relax – it just doesn’t happen much haha xx

    • 10th September 2018 / 1:53 pm

      I love painting my nails as well, but have to make sure I can sit and do nothing for a while after to give them time to dry, which is the usual problem I face x

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