August Round Up


I know I said last month I was glad to welcome August. But can honestly say August was the hardest month I have ever had, it really has been a nightmare.

My Mother in law came to stay

I am not going to start with C this month, I will update about her further down.  As you will remember from last month, my Mother in law was staying with us, following my Father in laws funeral, and she had a fall and broke her shoulder and badly cut her arm.  Well, a few days after that we had to call the ambulance again, and she was blue lighted into hospital. She had renal failure and what we are affectionately calling her doo lally stage.  She ended up spending nearly a week in hospital, with us visiting every day and my sister-in-law visiting once.  This obviously meant she needed to stay with us longer as she was not well enough to look after herself.

This meant that I had to care for her by helping her wash and dress. Also take her to hospital appointments, run around getting everything for her, plus looking after C.  Which also explains why I have been so quiet this month. I literally could not sit down and type two words, unless I found the energy at midnight.

I had hoped I could share some family days out. As we had promised C we would try to get out and do something together. She really wanted to try to restart her tuition in school, and wanted to try to go out.  Sadly, this did not happen as we had to care for my mother in law. My sister-in-law could not even come over for half a day to give us a break. We even had to cancel our opticians twice.

Poor C

Then two weeks ago, we managed to rebook and attend our opticians appointment. How little did we know then that this would have such dramatic effects on us.  They now take a picture of the whole eye, and C’s brought up something that concerned the optician. Which she wanted it investigated further. So had to go back in a few days later to collect a letter of referral for treatment at eye casualty.

We spent 9 hours at the hospital firstly having her eyes checked as it showed problems with her optic nerve, we were then transferred to children’s A&E where she was given and emergency MRI, before being taken to a children’s assessment ward, where she had further tests.  We eventually left about 9pm and told to return the next morning for a lumbar puncture. As she had excess fluid around her brain causing pressure to the optic nerve.  We went back and sat around for hours before being sent home as they decided they wanted the full report not just the quick report and that would be ready this Thursday.

The lumbar puncture

As you can imagine, it has been a pretty tense week.  Thursday I kept ringing to see if the report was ready,as I had been reading just how dangerous this could be.  Eventually Friday lunchtime, I got a call and told to go straight in. What happened next I never want to go through again.  After waiting for an hour, they took her in for the lumbar puncture. They just used local anesthetic around the area, my poor girl was amazing. But sadly they tried 3 attempts to do it and failed.  She was in pain and crying and all I could do was try to hold her still and soothe her.

They gave up after the third try to let her rest and have some pain relief. A couple of hours later they tried again, this time with laughing gas. She was petrified, I was trying not to show how it was affecting me. But somehow we all managed to keep her still and they did a successful lumbar puncture.  The pressure was more than they expected.

Finally over

We were advised that following the procedure she would have blinding headaches for a day or two, and offered the choice of being admitted or could go home and call if we needed anything.  She wanted to come home, but her 24/7 migraines that she has had for nearly 3 years have gone, but we are not sure how successful as she has the blinding headache from the procedure, but does say it is a different type of headache.

We now have to wait to speak to the consultant next week, and then be referred to various consultants and new medication etc.

All in all it has been a pretty tough month, my head is mashed and I am shattered, but I feel so positive to how this will help C, and feel we could eliminate a lot of her conditions.

I will keep you posted, on how we get on.

In case you are still trying to sort out getting into the back to school routine, I did manage a few posts that may help you.

If you enjoy reading my blog, why not pop over to my friend Katrina’s blog Trinimamabebe to see what she has been up to.

Hope August has been a good month for you all x





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Comments (44)

  • Janet 8 months ago Reply

    I am a little lost for words, what a tough, tough month. Especially the several attempts at a lumbar puncture and how frightening that must have been for you both. You’re in my thoughts x

    admin 8 months ago Reply

    Thank you, I am not going to lie it was one of the hardest things as a parent to go through, and seeing her face so scared and in pain and I had to keep strong and not show her just how scared I was, but we are so proud of her for going through with it. She is in a lot of pain today though and been thoroughly spoilt x

  • Emma Reed 8 months ago Reply

    Oh my goodness what a month you’ve had. You deserve a long weekend away and some pampering just for you once everything settles down and things are all back to normal again xx

    admin 8 months ago Reply

    It has been a horrible month, just been chatting with my husband at how lucky we are it has been picked up, as it could have had serious problems if not picked up and it sounds like it was getting to that stage. It is our anniversary at the end of this month and we are planning a night away fingers crossed x

  • Sania Ahmed 8 months ago Reply

    You truly deserve a good long break from the hustle once things get back to routine. I dont have kids yet but i can relate to this as in when my mom used to get upset if we were sick or anything that happened to us.

    admin 8 months ago Reply

    We are hopefully going to get away for a night at the end of this month for our anniversary. It is horrible seeing your child suffer and not being able to do anything to make it better x

  • Honeycomb Moms 8 months ago Reply

    I’m so sorry you have to shoulder so much of that burden yourself. I wish your sister-in-law would help more. I can’t imagine something happening to my mom and her staying with anyone but me, but I don’t have any siblings.

    admin 8 months ago Reply

    I don’t have siblings either so probably why I feel the same as you, luckily my mother in law is back home now, and getting on really well, it was hard for her as she is independant anyway x

  • Cortney K. 8 months ago Reply

    I am so sorry you are having such a difficult time. I am so sorry for your loss and for the difficulties with your mother-in-law. I can only imagine how difficult that is. I hope you and your husband are able to stay strong together and work through it. It’s frustrating and difficult. Best wishes for you and your family.

    Thanks for still posting tips for your readers. I think that’s amazing and inspirational!

    admin 8 months ago Reply

    Thank you, we got through it and hopefully things will get easier x

  • Azlin Bloor 8 months ago Reply

    Ouch, that was a tough month indeed. I hope both your mum in law and your daughter see better days ahead. A big shame that sister in law couldn’t come and give you a break. And yes to a break to celebrate your anniversary!

    admin 8 months ago Reply

    It was a month I was glad to say goodbye to and never want to repeat again, hopefully it is going to get better now x

  • Monique Cláudia 8 months ago Reply

    Tough month indeed..been struggling with my mom, work, blog, business life, it ain’t easy. You deserve a break.

    admin 8 months ago Reply

    It sounds like you have had a tough month and need a break as well x

  • John Sallie 8 months ago Reply

    Well I am glad all worked out. Sounds like you may have a beef with your sister in law though. Lol

    admin 8 months ago Reply

    Thank you, and no idea what gave you that impression, but yes I do lol

  • Monidipa Dutta 8 months ago Reply

    You had a really tough month. I hope both your mother in law and your daughter sees better days. Just remember, the better time is just around the corner. Wish you all the luck..!!

    admin 8 months ago Reply

    Thank you, my mother in law is doing ok now, just need to get my daughter on this bumpy road to recovery x

  • ewuziekingsley 8 months ago Reply

    So sorry what an experience you had, i felt like bursting into tears i just hope september bring you lost of joy and happiness.

    admin 8 months ago Reply

    I honestly never want another month like it, am hoping for lots of positives this month x

  • Nidhi Fouzdar 8 months ago Reply

    That was too stressful, you deserve break. Please be lil kind towards yourself and take a break.

    admin 8 months ago Reply

    It isn’t that easy but we are planning a night away at the end of this month for our anniversary x

  • Elizabeth O 8 months ago Reply

    It sounds like a really eventful August. I hope September is so much better for you. It sounds like you need a relaxing spa day.

    admin 8 months ago Reply

    I would love a relaxing spa day, am feeling hopeful September will be a better month thank youx

  • Sauumye 8 months ago Reply

    That is so stressful. You truly deserve some nice time off like a nice day to the Spa. I hope that September brings in good time, health and happiness

    admin 8 months ago Reply

    Thank you, I would love a nice spa day, I hope September is a better month for us x

  • kim 8 months ago Reply

    I’m so sorry you’ve been going through this! What a scary and terrible experience. Here’s to hoping September is a much better month.

    admin 8 months ago Reply

    Thank you, it is certainly something I never want to go through again x

  • Garf 8 months ago Reply

    It had been good to me but I am still hoping to a much better month.

    admin 8 months ago Reply

    Glad you had a good month and hoping for a better September x

  • Khushboo Motihar 8 months ago Reply

    You are going through a very time but it is inspiring to see how positive and hopeful you are in your outlook. Take care 🙂

    admin 8 months ago Reply

    Thank you, you have to keep positive the only way to be x

  • David Elliott 8 months ago Reply

    August truly was a crazy month for me. Basically this last quarter has been all over the place. I am hoping the school year will get things back to some form of normal and I will feel ok again.

    admin 8 months ago Reply

    Lets hope things improve from September for you x

  • Lyosha 8 months ago Reply

    Sounds like some crazy month! Make sure to give yourself a minute to properly rest and relax

    admin 8 months ago Reply

    It certainly was, hopefully it will be a better month and we can start to relax a bit more x

  • Laura Dove 8 months ago Reply

    Oh gosh how stressful, Im glad they were able to do it eventually. I have had lumbar punctures in the past, and the children too, its not pleasant for the children at all.

    admin 7 months ago Reply

    It was horrible, and found out today they wat=nt to do another one next week as well 🙁

  • Danielle 7 months ago Reply

    What a month you have had! You deserve a nice break to relax and reset.

    admin 7 months ago Reply

    Thank you, no chance at the moment just found out she needs another lumbar puncture next week

  • August does sound lie it’s been very hard for you. Treat yourself to something nice, you deserve it!

    admin 7 months ago Reply

    Thank you, a few more hospital visits yet to do, but we are hopefully away for a night at the end of the month x

  • Danielle Bronson 7 months ago Reply

    Thats alot of stress and you for sure need some personal time to relax and do what you want. I hope september lets you take it easy!

    admin 7 months ago Reply

    Thank you it was a stressful month, sadly this month is full of hospitals as well, but hopefully with good results, we are planning a night away at the end of the month for our anniversary with friends so can relax then for a bit x

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