Igluu Meal Containers

With the school holidays ending,and the new term fast approaching, as a parent we all know that this means not only the rush and stress of the school runs, but also after school clubs.

While we try to also run a house, work, and put a healthy meal on the table each night, often eating at different times, it is no wonder we feel so tired all the time.

I have found a great way to provide a healthy meal for our family, while being able to run around with after school clubs, and family members eating at different times.

Igluu Meal Prep offer the ideal solution where you can have a home cooked meal at anytime.  They offer one, two and three compartment trays where you can dish up a meal and it can be heated up at anytime.

You buy in packs of 10 and they come with air tight lids, meaning you can take them with you.

I have found that when cooking meals, I cook more than I require for that meal and then serve the rest in portions into the igluu containers, cool and then freeze or pop in the fridge.

They are microwave safe and be can be washed in the dishwasher.

Having older children these have proved to be a great asset to me, helping me make sure they are eating a proper meal, even when I am not around.

I have also used these to batch cook for my mother in law to pop in her freezer to make sure she is also eating a healthy meal.

Over the years I have tried a variety of containers to store meals in, both to freeze or to take to work with me, but can honestly say these are the best I have tried so far, and will make any busy parents life so much easier.



  1. 31st August 2018 / 7:52 pm

    These sound great. I use the containers from ready meals, wash them out and reuse them. These sound way better. x

    • 31st August 2018 / 11:25 pm

      I usually do the same, but these are so much better I am converted and will be using all the time now x

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