Keeping Warm While Maintaining Space

Keeping Warm While Maintaining SpaceAdd heading

One thing I love is a warm and comfortable house. Now our heat wave seems to have gone, and we are back to normal temperatures. I have started looking forwards to the colder months.

The bathroom

Hot Towel Rail

Hot Towel Rail

The first room I always look at is the bathroom. As it is the first room you visit in the morning and last room you visit at night.  Heated towel rails are great for keeping the room at a nice temperature, plus also giving you the luxury of having lovely warm towels when you step out of the bath or shower, and also making sure they never feel damp.  This is something I have wanted for years, ever since I had one where I used to live.

Radiators have come a long way in recent years and you no longer have to have the traditional radiators that go along a wall. That then dictates to where you put the furniture in your room. And risk blocking out the heat coming from it.  Or you may have a room with different angles where you are forced to have a radiator where it can fit. Rather than where you need it.

As you can see above you can now get space-saving radiators. They also look much more stylish than the traditional types we are all used too.

Throughout the house

We have been looking at getting our radiators renewed. Which has given me the perfect opportunity to start looking into this in more detail.  Our house is an old traditional Victorian two up two down which has been extended. Meaning four of the rooms are small and the radiators we currently have dictate to how we furnish.

Space Saving Radiator

Space Saving Radiator

This would be ideal for the two downstairs rooms as it would take up a lot less room and give us much more freedom,  as would give us so much more wall space, this is just one of the many I have found.

Stylish Radiator

Stylish Radiator

I need this in my bedroom, what a great idea as it is mirrored in the centre so not only does it warm the room but it is also practical.

Best Heating have an amazing selection of space-saving vertical radiators, I have only touched the surface with them, they have ranges to suit every taste and budget.


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  • Yeah Lifestyle 8 months ago Reply

    These radiators not only save space but look so stylish and modern too compared to the old bulky looking radiators.

    admin 8 months ago Reply

    I know, there are some really lovely looking ones now as well x

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