Little Foodies Beef Cannelloni with Emirates Holidays


Emirates Holidays have revealed how travel broadens the taste buds of even the youngest holiday makers.  They have launched the Little Foodies campaign. Where they have teamed up with chefs from their top family resorts to create a great series of Little Foodies recipe cards. To encourage families to cook together, eat together and expand their taste buds, and reminisce about their family holidays.

With the school summer holidays in full swing, Emirates Holidays has launched research revealing that whilst over half (55%) of parents worry about what their kids will eat when they’re away, in reality almost half (45%) of brave British kids will try at least one or two local dishes on holiday.

  • 55% of British parents worry about finding things for their children to eat whilst on holiday, with almost 64% stashing failsafe food items in their suitcase
  • 1 in 5 kids (21%) will try almost any food when on holiday, and 1 in 3 British families (34%) end up enjoying a new culinary adventure.
  • The top three foods that children are more open to trying on holiday include Flatbread, chorizo and curries
  • 28% of kids have tried olives, squid and octopus

When returning home from their holidays, 32% of parents are pleased that their children are more comfortable with trying unusual dishes, but 40% confess their children revert straight back to their old eating habits. 

 Top 10 food home comforts British parents take abroad with their family:

  1. Biscuits (55%)
  2. Crisps (49%)
  3. Sweets (47%)
  4. Teabags (30%)
  5. Cadburys Chocolate (22%)
  6. Dried fruits (14%)
  7. Instant noodles (14%)
  8. Instant coffee (13%)
  9. Tomato Ketchup (13%)
  10. Chocolate spread (11%)

 Top 10 foods British children have tried on holiday:

  1. Flatbread (49%)
  2. Curry (35%)
  3. Chorizo (35%)
  4. Chicken satay (34%)
  5. Risotto (32%)
  6. Paella (32%)
  7. Tapas (30%)
  8. Prawns (28%)
  9. Olives (28%)
  10. sun-dried tomatoes (26%)


The Little Foodies recipe cards are an exclusive set of destination-inspired recipes created in partnership with chefs from top family resorts in Emirates Holiday’s most popular destinations for families, with special thanks to the teams at:

  • Attitude, Mauritius
  • Centara Grand Beach resort Phuket, Thailand
  • Constance, Seychelles
  • Jumeriah Zabeel Saray, Dubai
  • LUX* South Ari Atoll, Maldives


About Emirates Holidays

Built around a team of extremely passionate destination experts, Emirates Holidays is the tour operator supporting the internationally renowned Emirates airline. Specialising in Dubai, Indian Ocean and South East Asia, it provides premium, tailor-made holidays to a wide range of amazing long-haul destinations.

The Little Foodies recipe cards have a range of recipes to make, we chose to make the beef cannelloni, as you will see below the recipe is easy to follow.

We started by preparing all the vegetables, and then cooked all this up as per the instructions, and then cooked for 2 hours. Once it had cooked and cooled we placed into a blender along with parmesan cheese and eggs and blitzed to make a chunky paste. Unfortunately, there seems to be a complete lack of cannelloni pasta around where I lived, so we used lasagne sheets and made into tubes.  Once these had been filled and the sauce poured over, we placed in the oven to cook.

The results were amazing, this really was the best cannelloni I have had in a very long time.

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  • Paula @MummyVsWork 8 months ago Reply

    This looks delicious! I am on the lookout to try new recipes for my fussy pair and I think I will give this a go!

    admin 8 months ago Reply

    It was delicious, it went down a hit here so something I will be doing again x

  • Vicky 8 months ago Reply

    This looks Devine. We are away at the moment but will be trying it out when back 🙂

    admin 8 months ago Reply

    This is lovely, I made a huge batch so have some frozen down as well x

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