Dysport vs. Botox: Which One Is Right For You?

Dysport and Botox have become popular household names in recent years. This is due to the wave of anti-aging products and treatments, reality TV, and advertising. These products have many applications in the medical field and are a secret for many people’s youthful appearance. But is Dysport the same thing as Botox or are there differences? This article will provide you with all the details.

What is Dysport?

Dysport, like Botox, is an injection that helps to soften dynamic wrinkles and frown lines. This is a neurotoxin that also reduces muscle movement in a treated area. By reducing muscle movement, this decreases the appearance of lines and wrinkles that occur when a person’s muscles contract.

Wrinkles that appear due to muscle movements include those in a person’s forehead, crows feet, and frown. The Dysport injection is also effective in:

  • lifting corners of the mouth
  • raising eyebrows
  • reducing necklines
  • decreasing dimpling in a chin
  • Slimming the face

How Dysport differs from Botox

Dysport differs from Botox based on three varying formula traits. These include:

Molecular size

The Dysport formula contains smaller molecules than those of Botox. Tiny molecules allow Dysport to work at a faster rate than Botox and spread to a larger area. Although this may be an advantage, it is not beneficial when applied in some areas. For example, this product may not work faster on thicker muscles. Thus, a patient must get the treatment from an expert who has many years of experience in providing the correct dosage. Furthermore, the expert must know the proper way of placing the neurotoxin.


Dysport and Botox have a different dilution process. If a patient is using specific Botox units and switches to Dysport, the patient will have to increase their units. The opposite is true. But since Dysport requires greater dilution, a patient will need a higher quantity of the treatment to achieve the same results.

For a clinic that prices these products per unit, Dysport price per unit will be lower than Botox’s. But to get the same treatment results, the total cost may be the same.


Dysport diffuses faster than Botox. This causes the product to spread to a larger area of the skin after an injection. With Dysport, it is, therefore, possible to address a large treatment area with a few injections. Also, it means Dysport is better at addressing broader treatment areas than Botox. But this form of diffusion can also mean the product is not as effective in treating a smaller area. This is especially the case with an area that requires more precision to treat. Botox will also be a better choice for treating an area with very thick muscles.

Although there are differences between the two products, both have certain similarities.

Similarities between Dysport and Botox

As humans age, wrinkles and fine lines start developing in specific areas of the face. This happens due to repetitive muscle contractions. These contractions occur daily due to facial expressions or movements. For example, squinting and smiling produces “ridges” around the eyes. When a person raises their eyebrows, this produces forehead lines.

Dysport and Botox injections reduce wrinkles and fine lines by relaxing muscle tissues. This helps to prevent those muscles from contracting. When a specialist injects either product into a treatment area, this will block the nerve impulses controlling muscle contractions. This will result in muscle relaxation and less movement. It will also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the area.

The results offered by these products are temporary. With time, nerve impulses will start to reach the treatment muscle area. This will produce muscle contractions and fine lines and wrinkles will reappear again. However, a specialist injector will be able to maintain a positive result of neurotoxins as long as a patient goes for regular treatment. For better results, treatment sessions should happen every 3 to 6 months.

Choosing between Dysport and Botox injections

There is no clear winner between Dysport and Botox. Your choice of product will come down to certain factors that include:

  • Your response to either injection
  • How your injector is familiar with the intricacies of either product
  • The areas you want to be treated

A good specialist will still get the best results using either product. As such, do your research on the doctor before going for treatment.


Cost is a factor that will determine your choice of an injectable neuromodulator. The cost of going for either treatment is about the same. If you go for Dysport, you will need a minimum of two more units to get the same results or effects of Botox.

But it can also be difficult to set the right price for either treatment. This is because every Dysport or Botox treatment is very different. The total number of units you need will vary depending on factors like the number of times an area has undergone treatment.

For example, after many treatments, your muscles will relax. This happens even though the general effects of either treatment wear off after three to six months. More units will not be necessary at this point, and this will allow you to save money.


Both Dysport and Botox work the same way to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. But Dysport works faster than Botox to produce the same results. On average, it takes about 2-3 days for a patient to see the overall effects of Dysport. This action is slightly faster than that of Botox which usually takes 3-4 days for patients to see results.

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