Kimberly-Clark Helping Get Back To School

You may be saying who are Kimberly-Clark, and how can they help with the back to school hustle and bustle. Well read on to find out more.

I was recently contacted by Kimberly-Clark. As I have been looking for products to help make the back to school a lot easier for both parents and children.

Below is a range of their products that you will all be very familiar with.

HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® take the hassle out of swimming

HUGGIES Little Swimmers have been used for little ones for years. I used to use them on my Daughter and my Granddaughter now uses them.  Great for family trips to the swimming pool, or taking advantage of the older children being at school and getting our little ones used to swimming.  They are quick and easy to remove after swimming and unlike a regular nappy do not retain water and swell. RRP £5.25

Huggies® Wipes

No parent is without wipes, even when our children are out of nappies they are always handy to have in your bag. For sticky hands and dirty faces.  I used to carry them around for years. When going away on holiday I always have a pack in my bag.  HUGGIES wipes are safe to use on the most delicate skin – RRP £1.50

Andrex® Classic Clean Washlets

Andrex Classic Clean Washlets are perfect to pop in your handbag or school bag. Keeping you clean and fresh whenever needed.  They are a lightly moisten toilet tissue with a cotton fresh fragrance and they are also flushable. Biodegradable and dermatological tested. Great for days out, holidays or school or hand bags. I have seen these before but have never tried them, but have to say I love them and will never go out without a packet in my bag now. RRP £1.50 for a pack of 40 or £1 for a pack of 12

Kleenex® Original Pocket Pack tissues

These need no explanation, I never leave home without a packet of tissues in my bag, and after trying many other alternatives, I do always come back to Kleenex.  I always made sure my Daughter had a packet or two in her school bag, as she has learnt over the years they are not just for the obvious of wiping your nose, they are also great if you spill something. A must have for anyone all year though – RRP £1.75

As you can see back to school is not just about uniform, shoes, bags and lunch boxes but the other little things you do not always thing about.

I was gifted these products in exchange for a review, all content is my own.


  1. 12th August 2018 / 6:46 pm

    We never go anywhere without a packet of Kleenex or some of the wet wipes in our backpack, I’ve not tried the washlets yet but will pop them on my next shopping list.

    • 12th August 2018 / 8:32 pm

      I am the same, and the washlets are great to pop in your bag x

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