Modibodi Teen Underwear Review

Those of us with tweens or teens, will either be waiting for that day our daughters have their first period. Or will have gone through this transformation with our girls.

First periods

I remember my first period all those years ago. I hated it and the embarrassment of everything that goes with the time of the month. Which is why I wanted to make it as easy as I could for my Daughter when she started hers.  We talked about it and had all the products in ready. And I explained what would happen and what to do.  I must have done a good job as she took it all in her stride.

The embarrassment

For years girls have had to carry around sanitary towels or tampons. Which when at school can be embarrassing, and then have to wait until between lessons to go to the toilet.  We have all been there.  But now there is a great tween/teen brand of period underwear designed for girls aged 8+.

Modibodi Underwear  is a stylish range of underwear and swimwear especially designed for girls aged 8+ to help them manage their periods, perspiration and leaks.  The range of knickers are fashionable and super thin. Comfortable and very absorbent, they can hold between 1-2 tampons worth) and can be worn all day with no odour or leak.

Modibodi understands that carrying and changing sanitary products is not always the easiest thing for young girls. Especially those who start their periods early or feel self-conscious about wearing and carrying pads around with them. Plus have the added worry of leaks.  The underwear are made of eco-friendly material and are exclusively patented to Modibodi. And can be worn all day at school and when playing sports.

We were sent a pair to try, at first my Daughter thought I had gone completely mad and was very wary about using them.  I explained what they were and how they worked and showed her all the information I had on them, eventually she agreed to try them and admitted after how comfortable they were and that she actually liked them.

Not only am I the Mum of a teen, but also a teen who has a chronic illness and very often bed bound due to extreme fatigue and pain, this underwear is a life saver as it means it is one less thing she has to worry about, making life that little bit easier.



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