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It is very well known by everyone who knows me, that I am not a gardener. I get no enjoyment from gardening, but I do love a nice garden to sit and relax in. My husband is the same as me, so our poor garden suffers.

I know what you are saying, you have to do one to get the other. But I have found a great solution, we have now got a gardener.

We have a very large garden, and it was starting to get neglected (apart from cutting the grass). We were beginning to start to not want to sit outside.

This is probably the only picture (or only picture I can find) of most of my back garden, plus the snowy picture might just cool you down a little.  So you can see for us who have no passion for gardening it is a pretty big task.

We have been using our gardeners for 3 weeks now, so our garden is still a work in progress, but we can see it taking shape, and becoming the relaxing garden we have always wanted.

We have started to now look at upgrading and updating our bbq and garden furniture, and with the gorgeous weather we are having lately, we want to be able to spend more time outside enjoying the weather.

My current garden shopping list is

  • Garden Furniture
  • Bbq
  • Fire Pit
  • Solar lights
  • Summerhouse

We have often talked about a summer house, and have a couple of ideas of where to put one in our garden, I think over the years we have looked at every summerhouse on the market. I think we are quite the experts now if I am honest.  Recently we have been browsing them again, and have found some lovely summerhouses for sale from GBC Group.

I am hoping that it is something we will be able to purchase before the end of the summer, especially as my garden is starting to looked loved again.



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