July Round Up


I can honestly say this month, I am so glad to see August, what a month July was for us, I have never been so glad to wish time would go by quickly.

You may remember last month, I wrote about how ill my Father in Law was, and had taken C to see him, where she spent the time laughing and giggling with him.  Sadly less than a week later he died.  I had the devastating task of telling C that her Grumpy Grandad had died.  She did not take the loss of her Grandad well, I wrote a post explaining how hard it for children to lose a very close relative which you can view here.  One of the hardest things I have experienced is seeing my little girls heart-break and not being able to do anything about it.

With the loss of her Grandad, C has had a very bad month, she did start to make some slight improvements with her illness, and we started to hope that we were turning a corner.  Sadly with all that has happened it has had an effect on her health, and with the upset of the funeral she has gone into another crash.  Hopefully, we can start to build her back up.

Since the funeral my Mother in Law has been staying with us, which has been lovely for all of us, as everything happened so quickly, she was obviously devastated at the loss of her husband, and was not eating properly, so having her stay with us, meant we could make sure she was looking after herself.  She should have been returning home today, but on Monday, she had a bad fall carrying a glass vase, and we ended up spending the day in A&E with her as she has two bad gashes in her arm and a broken shoulder.  Obviously, she can not look after herself so is staying a while longer.

I did manage a lovely couple of days away with my husband for a couple of nights, in Portsmouth, as we love Gunwarf Quays, I wrote a post last year about staying here, and we managed to stay in the same Airbnb apartment which was in a great location. It was just the break we needed to recharge our batteries.  Sadly, on the day we arrived our friend contacted us to let us know that she had lost her Mum to cancer.

On top of everything that has happened this month, I have also been working hard to try to bring some great review products and giveaways for preparing on going back to school, so keep an eye out for some great new giveaways coming soon.

How was July for you? Hopefully much better than mine, and hope you are enjoying the school holidays?


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  • I’m so very sorry for your loss. Your mother in law is very lucky to have you care for her during this time

    admin 9 months ago Reply

    Thank you, we ended up back in A&E today was blue lighted by ambulance as she was really ill, she has had to stay in hospital and is quite bad, but she kept saying thank you, told her she has nothing to say thank you for, but she has to do as she is told and get better x

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