It Is My 3rd Blog Anniversary


Today StressedMum turns 3 years old. In some ways it only seems like yesterday when I started my blog. But I feel very proud that 3 years on I am still here.

The Start of StressedMum

I remember the day I decided to start writing a blog. I have always loved reading blogs,  and thought I would start my own.  We were nearing a new chapter in our lives where C was leaving her Primary School and heading off to Secondary School. Which would mean I would have more me time and wanted to do something proactive.  I mentioned to my Husband that I wanted to start writing my own blog.

He knew me well, and asked how long will this little idea be for. But something inside me knew that this was something I really wanted to do.  He said he would set up a website for me, and asked what I wanted to call it.  At the time I was stressed as C had done something. So StressedMum just came to my mind and thought it was quite apt.

I learnt as I went along

After he had set up the website he passed it all over to me. Now I had no prior knowledge of having a website. So I learnt as I went along, also setting up social media accounts. I was then ready to write my very first post New Beginnings.

After I had published my post, and proudly showed my husband. He asked what I wanted out of the blog, and honestly, I had no idea. If no one read it, that was fine I could use it as a diary to look back on.

I never realised how much work went into Blogging

One thing I did not realise is the hardwork that goes into running a blog. Although it gives me the freedom to take time out. It also means quite often I am working late into the evenings, people often say when I get items to review I would love to receive free products, it is not free as a lot of work goes on in the background, and when I tell them about a typical day they are shocked, but as I love my blog it is not work to me.

At the start, my blog was going to be about living with a pre-teen, the stressful argumentative times and the fun happy times.  Sadly a few months later that changed when C became ill, so my blog did change direction slightly, as she was no longer living her life as a normal pre-teen.

The past three years

Over the past 3 years StressedMum has gone from strength to strength, I have made some good friends in the Blogging community, and found it to be so supportive. where in other industries everyone is out for themselves.

Over the past 3 years you have followed me on a journey of my daughter becoming ill with a chronic illness, and the joy of becoming grandparents.  I get lovely emails and messages from regular followers and they really do mean a lot to me,

So to you all thank you for your support and here’s to another year of StressedMum

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Comments (14)

  • Kim Carberry 10 months ago Reply

    Happy birthday to your blog….I really thought you had been around blogging for longer.
    Ahh! If only people would understand that the free things we are sent are not actually free!
    Here’s to many more years of blogging x

    admin 10 months ago Reply

    Thank you, it sometimes feels longer, when I tell people the work that goes into blogging they think differently about it, one of my boys saw me working and the hours I actually put in, and was surprised.

  • Rebecca Wilson 10 months ago Reply

    Happy Anniversary to your blog! I can relate to how you felt when you started, I started mine only a year and a half ago and I had no idea what I wanted from it, but it’s such a lovely way to connect with people and record your life. Lovely post and lovely blog! X

    admin 9 months ago Reply

    Thank you, it really doesn’t seem like 3 years, but I love it just as much now as I did when I first started out, and it is a lovelyway to connect with people, and something to look back on x

  • Sophie Gillum-Webb 9 months ago Reply

    Happy Blog Birthday!! I can relate to this so much too it’s good to have blogging buddies that ‘get’ what it is we do!!

    admin 9 months ago Reply

    Thank you 🙂 the blogging community is very supportive and friendly x

  • Becky Willoughby 9 months ago Reply

    Happy blogversary! I’m so glad it’s been a great journey for you. I think folks outside our community don’t know all the background stuff we have to do

    admin 9 months ago Reply

    Thank you, I know they seem to think it is easy work, but a lot do understand the work that goes into running a blog behind the scenese x

  • Growingclan 9 months ago Reply

    Happy 3 year anniversary – here’s to many more years of happy blogging. I’ve only just started my blog in the last few months and I already love it xx

    admin 9 months ago Reply

    Thank you, and congratulations on your new blog, you will find you are always learning but hopefully you will still be loving the blogging world in 3 years time and beyond x

  • Yeah Lifestyle 9 months ago Reply

    What a great news! Happy 3rd year Anniversary to you Sam and what a wonderful job you have done of your blog, totally enjoy reading it. Hopefully there will be many more happy blogging years to come.

    admin 9 months ago Reply

    Thank you, I can not believe it is 3 years old, I am hoping on many more years as well x

  • Happy blogversary! A huge congratulations on keeping it up and getting to where you are now! ♥️

    admin 9 months ago Reply

    Thank you, I am so proud of my blog, and where it is today, heres to another 3 years and more x

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