The Rather Unusual Men’s Fashion Trends of Spring/Summer 2018

The Rather Unusual Men’s Fashion Trends of SpringSummer 2018

Fashion shows are all about models, catwalks and showing off the latest styles while hundreds of cameras flash in the background. It’s an over excited atmosphere with some interesting outfits sported by women in recent years. However, Men’s fashion has been quite tame in comparison. Exploring layered styles, monotone pairings and sprucing things up with a splash of colour around the neck.

Mens Fashion

Mens Fashion

2018 Spring/Summer trends seem to have taken a different path entirely, taking the men’s fashion world by storm. Moving into territory that may even be off-putting to the uniquely interesting fashion icon Noel Fielding and likely not going to be worn by many other male fashion icons. Let’s explore some of the catwalk looks that rolled out this year.


Now, stripes work well in fashion. They look stylish on a smart shirt and can work to break up bright colours and vertical stripes have always been considered a slimming fashion item. However, models sauntered down the catwalk striped head to toe, in big bold lines that, if you looked hard enough, could almost be a magic-eye puzzle. These kind of stripes on clothing are distracting and, in the end, take away from the overall look. Stick to the singular striped item and you’ll definitely look the part without causing a headache.

Tie-Waist Jackets

Specifically, this “genre” of clothing does look good, it looks stylish and is quite practical for those cooler summer days. However, the modelled chunky, oversized jackets with a tie-waist started to look like dressing gowns very quickly. While it’s sure to be acceptable in some social circles, if you want to sport a tie-waist jacket that looks good and is practical, stick to the classic trench-coat.

Head-to-Toe Block Colour

While not necessarily the colour, the clothing modelled by the block-colour-wearing models didn’t do much to promote the style. The oversized and incorrectly fitted tops were a distraction to the positive colour choices. While it would be nice to see more bold yellows and electric blues around in men’s fashion. The space-suit style and over-sized cloaked jackets can remain on the catwalk.


The all-white look is certainly an interesting one and while not suited to all skins tones (without making paler individuals look almost ghostly). There have been some gentleman’s all-white suits that certainly look dapper. It’s the impracticality of following an all-white fashion trend. Walk past a park in summer – green-stained ankles or you might be a family man with young children. Should you be expected to avoid loving sticky fingers in your all-white attire?

What Did Work Well

On the other hand, there were plenty of trends that did look great on the Men’s Spring/Summer catwalk. Tonal colours look fantastic and offer a highly versatile look that works in both casual and informal social settings. Not only that, but the wide range of colours seen this year is likely going to encompass items you already have in your wardrobe.

The technical jacket range was also a nice addition to see, practicality partnered with style – it’s difficult to go wrong with that combination. While men aren’t likely to be trekking up any mountains in the expensive fashion pieces available in shops. They will certainly look like they are prepared and there’s something admirable in functional fashion.

Of course, tropical and Hawaiian print-shirts deserve a mention. Definitely not over-the-top, the subtle colour combinations combined with a bit of loud print was enough to bring smiles to many faces. It followed on from 2017 style trends which saw artwork splashed across shirts, jackets and even trousers. Because all fashion deserves a bit of fun.

While there weren’t any particular daring new trends this year, the world of men’s fashion definitely took a side-step into the unusual with some bright colours and bold patterns. Will you dare to be different this season?  

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  • Yeah Lifestyle 10 months ago Reply

    These are great fashion tips, I am always struggling and wondering what to get for my husband. Will bear this in mind when I go out shopping next week.

    admin 10 months ago Reply

    My husband is a nightmare to buy clothes for, but this did help x

  • Eva @ Urban Wheelz 10 months ago Reply

    I agree with you girls, it is a nightmare to get your husband the right outfit!

    admin 10 months ago Reply

    It is, so much easier to let him buy his own clothes x

  • Smallhousebigtrips 10 months ago Reply

    I’m loving the range of colours out at the moment too. So nice to see a variety of shades.

    admin 10 months ago Reply

    I totally agree, nothing nicer than a variety of colours and shades x

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