May Round Up


Well that is another month tha has whizzed past, how are we half the way through the year already?  So time for my May round up.

Starting with C

As always I will start off with C, it has been a very tough month on her. We saw her Consultant this month, it was such a stressful day, as it fell on a day when I had no car at all. I had to use hospital transport for the very first time, lets just say we were late for our appointment. They had a cancellation luckily, and then had to wait for hours to get transport home.  The appointment went really well, her medication is staying the same and he has also prescribed another medication. Where I have to cut a small tablet into quarters, it is such a pain but I can see a slight difference in her.  We are also trying probiotics daily, as this is supposed to be beneficial to her head pains.

Nanny cuddles

The best news this month is that last Tuesday, I went for my Nanny cuddles and C came along as well. As you will see below (I apologise for the picture by my Mother in law took it).  She was also fine the next day but did crash the day after. Although not quite as bad as she usually does.  The bad news we had is that her consultant is retiring so we will not be seeing him again.  One thing I always do when visiting my Granddaughter, is do the Nanny thing of taking a noisy toy, well it has to be done, and I always like to look for deals, as I do when buying online, I came across dealsdaddy which had some great discounts available on sites that I was looking for.

Working hard

I have been workin very hard on the back end of my blog. One thing in the Blogging world is all about content, links and SEO, as well as social media.  People often think Blogging is easy work, but they do not realise the hours spent behind the scenes.  Sometimes we do need help and luckily there are many Bloggers out there willing to support each other or you can ask an SEO Expert.

In other news, socially it has been a quiet month for us. I have been so busy with family matters, and just trying to get through each day.  I did manage a lovely night away in Brighton with my hubby at the start of the month, and it was jut what we needed, the weather was also gorgeous which was a great help.

Something to look forward to

We booked an and stayed in an Airbnb which was so nice, this is the second time we have booked an airbnb instead of a hotel, and both agreed for an odd night away they are so much nicer, as you do not have to listen to doors banging and people stomping along the corridors.


How was your May? I hope you all had a good month and have lots planned for June.

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Comments (6)

  • The Willow Tree 11 months ago Reply

    Sounds like good month esecially your escape to Brighton with the hubby! I hope you had a well deserved relax!

    admin 11 months ago Reply

    There was a lot of positive things last month, and we had a very nice relaxing time in Brighton x

  • Emmie 11 months ago Reply

    Despite focusing on family you’ve managed to squeeze a trip in to Brighton which sounds lovely. Brighton is one of my favourite places to check out, hope the weather was good for you! My May was great, I managed to get into some employment after losing my job in March so that’s made me feel a lot happier and relaxed! x

    admin 11 months ago Reply

    It was lovely getting away for a night and just being able to unwind. I have also enjoyed the time with my family especially my granddaughter who I do not see enough of x

  • Yeah Lifestyle 10 months ago Reply

    Dealsdaddy has some good discounts on their site, glad you found them online. Hopefully the new consultant for your granddaughter will be as good as the old one too.

    admin 10 months ago Reply

    They do have some great deals. The consultant is for my Daughter not my Granddaughter am still trying to sort out finding a new one, such a nightmare x

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