How to Plan a Stress-Free UK Getaway

Stress-free holidays are like the holy grail when you’ve got kids, and achieving them can seem off the cards if you consider the prospect for too long. Having said this, you can plan a stress-free holiday providing you do exactly that – plan, and plan meticulously. You cannot be over prepared when it comes to organising a getaway, so be sure to put some time aside solely devoted to sorting every detail concerning holidaying with your family. Ask friends and family for tips and tricks, and be sure to heed their advice and warnings if they have plenty of experience of going away.

Know All You Can

Once you’ve chosen your destination, then it’s time to Google every last fact you can find out about that area. Leave no rock unturned, and read about where you’re going to gain a greater understanding of what you can do, and see, and fun activities that are offered. Visit before and after you decide, to find out and begin planning how best to get to the top-rated coastlines the county has to offer, as well as historical and heritage sites and great accommodation to enjoy during your stay. Do you need transport to help you get to your destination, is there a big party of you going maybe you have thought about mini bus hire.

Make Notes

Make notes to take with you by researching online and asking people you know for helpful suggestions. Take notes if you still haven’t decided as well, as you can then seriously consider where to go based on your observations and enquiries. A stress-free holiday is one that has no margin for error, so download maps and see which routes take you to desired destinations in the quickest times, and look to see where traffic commonly builds up so that you can avoid any potential pileups. Before you go, check to see what the weather has in store for you so that you can pack sunglasses and waterproof items should there expected sun or showers and downpours.

Be Safe

Don’t run the risk of getting burnt in the sun or hurt whilst out playing with your kids, and pack plenty of high factor sun cream, a cool box to store water bottles, and a small first aid kit just in case of accidents. If you’re planning your holiday for summer, then be aware that insects such as bees, wasps, and mosquitos are especially prevalent during these months so take sprays to keep them at bay as well as anti-histamine pills should any member of your family be unfortunate enough to be stung, bitten, or suffer from hay-fever.

Take Essentials

Avoid otherwise stressful situations, and plan for the worst. Plan for leaking drinks and spilt ice creams and sticky lollies by packing a bag with baby wipes and a spare change of clothes for young children. Carry snacks with you, after-sun lotion, a pen, and paper for making notes should you have to ask for directions, and a power bank to charge your phone should you not be able to find an appropriate place to charge it. With this in mind, be sure to take ten pound’s worth of pound coins with you in case you need to use a phone box or have to purchase items from somewhere that doesn’t accept card.

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  • Christy 11 months ago Reply

    Some great tips here. I really find that doing some research helps me feel confident and relaxed about a holiday, and getting a powerbank so your phone is never out of charge in an emergency is a really good idea.

    admin 11 months ago Reply

    Thank you, it is always easier to do a bit of research to prepare you for when you are away. We always have a power bank with us when out and about they really are a must have item x

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