Catan and Concept Game Review

Regular readers will know that I am part of the Asmodee UK Bloggers Board Game Club , where each month I am sent a new game to review.  I was sent two games to review this month.




Catan is a multiplayer board game, the game was first published in Germany, but has become popular worldwide since 2015.

The players represent settlers who are establishing colonies on the island of Catan. Players build settlements, cities and roads. A player can build by spending resources brick, wood, grain, which they receive from a resource card.  The board represents the island which is sectioned with hexagonal tiles of varying land types.  The tiles are laid out randomly at the beginning of each game.

How to play

  • Each player takes a turn at rolling two dice, which will show which of the hexagons produce resources
  • Players who have a settlement adjacent to a hexagonal that is the number of the two dice thrown will receive a card of the corresponding resource, cities produce two cards.
  • If you role a total of seven you will be the victim of the robber, who will be moved to another hexagonal which will no longer produce resources, until the robber is moved again, also when a seven is rolled  all players with more than seven resource cards must discard half of their cards.
  • On each players turn, they can spend resources to build, you can also trade resource cards with other players.
  • The winner of the game is the first person to reach ten victory points, you gain one victory point for each settlement you own, and two for each city you own.

Catan is a game for 3-4 players aged 10+ and is available to purchase on Amazon for £35.00.

We have differing views of this game, I really was not that taken by it, but my husband loved it.


The second game I have reviewed this month is Concept

Concept is a quiz board game, where players have to guess a concept, which can be a word, name or phrase.

How to play

  • Teams are made up of two players per team.
  • On each teams turn a card is drawn where you will choose a concept, there are three difficulty levels blue, red and black, with three concepts each level.
  • The team places a question mark on the picture which shows the main point of the concept, you can the specify the concept with green cubes or choose related concepts with red, blue, yellow and lack exclamation marks.
  • The other teams then have to guess the concept, and the player who guesses correctly wins a double VP token, and the team who chose the concept wins one single VP token.
  • The game moves onto the next team, and carries on until all the double VP tokens have been used.
  • The winning team is the team with the most double VP tokens.

Concept is a game for 4-12 players aged 10+ and can be purchased from Amazon for £23.00

I loved this game, it was great fun and very competitive between our teams, certainly one I would recommend.

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