Common Household Stains Solved

When you live with kids, you quickly learn that some stains are inevitable. Somehow, kids always seem to make a mess, even if they are doing a relatively quiet activity. It’s like causing stains is something that they have been born to do!

But, to be fair, it isn’t just children who are to be blamed for all the stains. After all, they aren’t going to spill glasses of wine or coffee anytime soon, are they! It’s easy for everyone to make spillages and cause some permanent staining around the home, even us responsible adults!

So, as you can probably tell, it is a good idea to equip yourself with certain ways and methods of cleaning common household stains. Once you have a few different tricks up your sleeve, you will find that most stains aren’t as permanent as you might think. In fact, some can be removed within a matter of minutes. Ready to get cleaning? Here’s how you can make most common household stains vanish!


Red Wine

The best way to prevent any wine stains from ever happening is to give up your evening glass of red. Not willing to do that just yet? No problem, there are some cleaning tips you can use next time a wine glass topples over. For starters, you should use some waterproof fabrics on your outdoor garden furniture as these are often stain proof. You can have a look at for details and to find out why you won’t have to worry about knocking over a glass while you are dining al fresco! When it comes to wine spillages on your carpets, there are certain things you can do. For instance, grab a paper towel to mop up the excess wine. Be sure to dab it rather than rub, or else you will rub the stain into the carpet. It’s a good idea to pour salt over the stain as this will bring out some of the moisture that has been absorbed by the carpet fibres. You can vacuum the salt.



One of stains that kids are responsible for is juice. Even if you give it to them in a little sippy cup with a lid on from, I’m sure a child will still find a way of spilling it all over the sofa! Thankfully, if you are quick to act, you will find that juice stains and spillages can be just as quick to clean as they are to make. This is how you do it. First of all, just like with wine spillages, you need to dab at the excess juice with some paper towel. Don’t rub it in and be sure to get as much as possible. Once the moisture has been absorbed, spray the stain with some plain water and continue to dab at the area. Eventually, you won’t be able to see much of the juice. However, if you can’t seem to remove the entire stain, it’s worth using some cleaner on it. One homemade cleaning solution you can use is one part washing up liquid to two parts warm water. You should then work this mixture into the carpet. After working it in, blot the moisture with more paper towel.


Scuff Marks

When you have children, you soon find out just how much wear and tear will affect your home. One of the most common signs of wear and tear that your children will cause will be scuff marks on the wall. Don’t worry, though; you won’t have to paint over these scuffs. There is an easier and cheaper way to deal with them. The best way to deal with these wall marks is to buy a special scuff rubber – most supermarkets now sell these that you just need to rub over the scuff mark. They are like a pencil eraser, and you should see the mark disappear right before your eyes. Remember that you shouldn’t rub too hard as this could cause some damage to the paintwork or wallpaper.



Another common stain that you will see around the house more once you have kids is blood. Kids don’t seem to have any fears at all, so will happily roll around the garden regardless of any scrapes and grazes that they get. They might not even notice that they are bleeding when they come inside. And that is when you will find small patches of blood on your carpets or sofas! Blood may have a bad reputation for creating permanent stains, but it actually isn’t too bad to get out of carpets and upholstery. It’s true, though, that it will be more difficult to get out of your fabrics than the stains mentioned above, but that doesn’t mean it will be impossible. The best way to attack it is to make some of the washing up liquid mix that I mentioned above. Dab the mixture into the stain with one cloth, and then blot the stain with another clean one. Repeat this process a few times, and you should find that the stains starts to disappear. If that doesn’t help, get some ammonia that is suitable for homecare and mix it with some water. Soak the stain in this for a few minutes. When you dab the moisture away, the stain should disappear.



One further stain that most people think is pretty much impossible to remove from any fabrics or furniture is ink. If your kids love colouring in, then you will need to watch out for this one. First of all, spray some hairspray onto the stain. This should soften it. Gently dab at the stain with a clean cloth, and then repeat this process a few times. Once the stain has disappeared, leave the area to dry. Once it is completely dry, you can vacuum over it to remove the hairspray. You might be surprised at how well this works!

Stains shouldn’t ruin your home. You just need to use the tips above to get rid of these very common ones!


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