Those of you who have been with me from the start of my blog. Will know that when I started writing StressedMum, I had a healthy 11 year old. Who was just about to spend her last few weeks and days at her Primary School. Before starting her new adventure into Secondary School.

How our story began

You shared her’s and my own emotions as she said goodbye to friends she had made. And the nerves of starting Secondary School.  How she changed so much by going to school and back on her own, out shopping with friends and just living a normal life of an 11/12 year old.

You also shared the moment she became ill on 31st December 2015. How that moment changed our lives forever and the fight, tears, worry we had on our journey to finding out what was wrong with her and starting a new path. I can not say adventure because it is far from an adventure.


Next week on the 7th May 2018, it will be the start of ME Awareness week, and #millionsmissing. Which you will see all over social media, and hopefully the media.

#millions missing is to shout out and let everyone know we are still here and we do still matter, ME is an illness that even a lot of the professionals (ie GP’s) do not have any idea about, it is an illness where we have to fight for any help or treatment, it is an illness that a lot of services available to adults is just not there for children.  ME is also an illness that us as parents find other parents going through the same daily battles, who understand, and who support you and let you know you are not in this alone.

I will be sharing various things about the illness, from symptoms, to personal stories and about #millionsmissing.  If you would like to be included and share with my readers please message me or email me .




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  • Susanna 12 months ago Reply

    Hi. I have just found your blog and am sorry to hear of your daughters illness. I do understand what you are going through as my daughter was diagnosed with ME/ CFS at the age of 6 many years ago following a bad bout of glandular fever. She was at the time the youngest recorded child to have a firm diagnosis of ME. We were lucky to have a fabulous consultant who helped us deal with it. We did manage to get through the next few years although it was difficult. But she is now a healthy woman of 29 with a son and another baby on the way. I have to say she still tires easy and is usually in bed early every night. But she is a mum and has works 4 days a week. There is hope and life with / after ME. The way that worked for us was planned management of her symptoms and also self care of the other members of the family. Take care. Looking forward to following your blog. Susanna x

    admin 12 months ago Reply

    Hi Susanna

    Thank you for messaging me, it is so lovely to hear happy stories of those who have suffered ME and have gone on to lead ‘normal’ lives. My Daughter has ME following Glandular Fever also. At the moment she is probably the worst I have seen her with severe ME and Fibromyalgia, and also her jaw is suffering with TMJ. But I am still managing to get a smile and laugh out of her. We just take it day by day and carry on, there is an amazing support group on Facebook which helps as once diagnosis and apart from your consultant appointments you are left to deal with it on your own. This is one of the reasons I do talk so much about ME, to let others know they are not alone and also with ME Awareness week next week I have an opportunity to share the awareness and in the past it really has helped some people realise they are not alone x

  • Kristie Prada 12 months ago Reply

    I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter’s illness and the lack of understanding around it. I sympathise as my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes last September and that is hugely understood as well. I have to remember that I knew very little about it myself before so I have to expect people to be considerate but not get it. It’s a tough gig mama. Thank you for bringing awareness about ME to the forefront of people’s minds. xx

    admin 12 months ago Reply

    I am sorry to hear about your Daughter, one of my friends Daughters is diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1 and was such a learning curve for her whole family. As it is awareness week I am going to try to raise as much awareness as I can x

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