Carrassonne Board Game Review

As regular readers will know I am part of the Asmodee UK Bloggers Board Game Club, where each month I receive a game to play and review and share with my readers.

Last month I received the Carrassonne game to review, unfortunately I am a little late in publishing my review.

Carcassonne is a game for 2 to 5 players aged 7+

The Game

Carrassonne is a board game with a medieval landscape which the players build as the game progresses. You start the game with 1 terrain tile face up and the remain tiles face down for players to draw from, on their turn and they place it down next to the tiles already in place so that it continues the landscape, if you can not fit your piece you return to the stack and draw a new tile.  You can place your piece (meeple) on a tile you have just layed or any other but you can not place your meeple if there is already another players on that tile. The games continues until all tiles have been layed.


On each players turn cities, cloisters and roads are scored when they are completed.

  • City – 2 points per tile + 2 points per pennant (during play) and 1 point per tile +1 per pennant (end of game)
  • Road – 1 point per tile
  • Cloister – 1 point + 1 point for each of the surrounding tiles.
  • Fields – not scored (during game) 3 points for each completed city bordering the field (end of game)

The player with the most points is the winner.

We found this game very entertaining and quite competitive on who was going to complete the various sections, great family fun and ideal for those rainy Sunday afternoons.

Carrassonne is available to buy at Amazon from £27.87

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