How To Stay In Control If You Are Working From Home

For many mothers, launching and running their own business from home is the ideal way to ensure that their career stays on track while balancing out running a busy household with childcare. However, even if you start with the best intentions in mind, you may find that you soon lose any sense of remaining in control of your own business, in particular, if you have small kids that need a lot of attention. If you are looking to grow and expand your business, then it is vital that you approach your home office with the same dedication and drive that you would as if you were working  from an office environment. Stay in control, and you will remain feeling calm and cool, even if you have a bad day.

Have work/life boundaries

If you are a work at home Mum, then it is crucial that you establish boundaries and create a timetable for your business from day one. In particular, if you have young children, it is up to you to explain that when you are on the computer or the door is closed, that you cannot be disturbed. You could schedule in your day so that you can enjoy mealtimes with your kids, or all take a walk at lunchtime, but be sure to remain strict and focused in terms of timings so that you can get your work done. Your kids will appreciate precious moments such as bath times and meal times even more – plus you will feel in a better mood and more upbeat if you have met with your work from home daily business goals.

Cut corners when you can

If you are working from home, then you need to get savvy and use hacks and online resources so that you can cut corners and get your work done in a quick and efficient manner. Tools such as Adobe Spark ID badge maker enable you to create a card or a badge in little to no time at all. Be sure to schedule in your social media posts and consider which
online systems and tools that you can use to ensure you meet your business needs while saving you time and effort in the process.

Forget perfection

If you are used to delivering perfect presentation or projects, then you may need to rethink your work ethos now you are working from home. Be sure that you deliver your projects on time, and meet with customer demands, but remember that you can no longer work to the same standards. This is not necessarily a bad thing either, as you will learn how to deliver your work on time and under pressure, without you becoming hooked on fixing any tiny issues or spending hours worrying about a choice of word or graph. Remain realistic and focused, and you will get your work done on time to a high standard.

Running a business from home takes dedication and determination, but there is no reason why you cannot be a great mum as well as a brill businesswoman.


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