How To Stay Happy Even With A Busy Schedule

Many parents want to do it all, but when they try to, they quickly notice how exhausted they feel. If this sounds like you, it’s important to understand that you can have a busy schedule and remain happy, if you’re mindful of your habits and how you treat yourself daily.

It’s healthy to have responsibilities and activities on the agenda. However, you can’t let them control you and harm your health. You have to understand what it looks like to live a balanced lifestyle that’s fulfilling and allows you to get what’s most critical done first. What you can’t let happen is to get so busy you forget about attending to your wellbeing.

Make Time for Daily Exercise

Movement and exercise are what will put you in a good mood and give you the energy you need to get through a day that’s packed full of to-dos. Stop making excuses and begin to see all the ways you can work exercise into your day. Wakeup early, walk at lunch or hit the gym on your way home from work to help you fit in exercising regularly. This is one activity you shouldn’t skip if you want to stay happy and continue to maintain a busy schedule. You’ll thank yourself later when your clothes fit and you’re not crashing midday and having to rely on caffeine to get you from one task to the next.

Get A Dog to Cheer You Up

Owning a pet is an excellent way to make certain you always have a smile on your face when you’re at home. They’re cute, cuddly and are always up for a walk or run outdoors. If you want your dog truly looking stylish, then research   dog fashion options and what clothing you think will be comfortable and attractive on your pet. Not only will they be even more beautiful than they already are, but they’ll be warm when the weather isn’t very pleasant. Picture yourself coming home from a long day at the office and having your dog greet you as soon as you walk through the door. It’s hard to be upset or down when this is what’s waiting for you each day.

Use your Weekends to be with Family

There’s more time on the weekends than you think when you plan right. Block off several hours during the day or in the evenings to spend with family and participate in an activity you can all enjoy together. For example, ride your bikes, head to the playground or have a movie and game night at home. The weeks are busy with school, work and other obligations so your weekends are the perfect opportunity to reconnect with the ones you love. Create a rota of who gets to choose the group activity so everyone feels involved and part of the planning process.

Take Breaks

No one’s going to make you take breaks or tell you to slow down, so it’s up to you to manage this aspect of your life yourself. While someone close to you may tell you that you’re overdoing it, only you can physically step back and stop committing to so much. Take short breaks when you’re at work to stretch your legs or get water. Also, do the same when you’re at home cleaning and tidying up the house. Don’t work so hard that you always feel like you want to crash and are dragging yourself around from one chore to the next. These short intervals of rest will provide you with more energy in the long-term, allow you to attend to all that’s on your plate and you won’t feel as wiped out at the end of the day.

Do One Activity You Love Each Day

Never forget about your own needs when trying to manage a busy schedule. This is where a lot of people fall short and end up harming their health and feeling unhappy. Designate a time slot each day that’s meant for you and doing what you love or use it to attend to your self-care needs. You could go out for a walk, curl up with a good book or sit on the patio soaking up the sunshine. All that matters is that you’re caring for you first and not always putting everyone
else’s needs ahead of your own. Don’t be afraid to relax, have fun and smile once in a while too if you want to remain happy and healthy even though you’re busy.

Avoid Skipping Meals

Your diet has a major impact on your daily moods and how you feel throughout your days. Avoid skipping meals or consuming junk food as you jump from one activity to the next. Grocery shop, prepare meals ahead of time and bring healthy snacks to work to help you stay on track. Try to keep away from eating too much, or going all day without proper nutrition if you want to remain happy even with a busy schedule. Saying you don’t have time to eat healthily is a warning sign that you may need to scale back your responsibilities and refocus your attention on what truly
matters, which is your health and happiness.

Practice Deep Breathing Skills

What’s nice about practicing deep breathing is that you can do it anywhere you are whenever you desire. No one even has to know that you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious. If you’re self- conscious about it, then head to the bathroom and step away for a few minutes to give yourself space to breathe. Your body will start to calm, your mind will stop racing, and you’ll quickly be able to compose yourself and feel better about your current situation. It’s a great tool for
someone who’s on the go and simply needs a few minutes to slow down and find a little peace and quiet.


The good news is that you can live a busy lifestyle and still be happy and healthy! All it takes is you tweaking a few of your behaviours and making sure you always come first. Never be afraid to admit when it’s all too much to handle and you need to rearrange your schedule and take more breaks.


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