My Top 5 Dream Cruise Holidays


With the weather giving us a little glimpse of spring, before going back to wet and dull grey days, I have been looking at holidays to cheer myself up, as C has a chronic illness we have already discussed that a cruise would be the easier option and less traumatic for her.  She would also be able to do as little or as much as she was able to. So, am sharing with you my top 5 dream cruise holidays, we could take as a family this year.

When looking at cruises it can be very confusing, as there are so many cruise companies and so many destinations to sail to.  We have never been on a cruise, but C has (twice) with my parents. It is always good to look at many other cruise companies to see what deals you can get, and also book through a trusted agent.

As we want to avoid airports and flying, I have been looking at cruises departing from Southampton, as we can drive there or go by rail, although there may be one or two that departs from other destinations.

Cruise Number 1

Cruise Number 2

P&O cruise ship Aurora has a cruise leaving from Southampton for 14 nights around the med and visiting Spain, France and Italy.  I often say to my husband I would love to visit Italy. This is a cruise I have had my on for a while now.  My parents have cruised with P&O and had a lovely time so also know that their ships would not be a disappointment.

Cruise Number 3

I do want to do a Royal Caribbean cruise, this was the first cruise C went on, and the ship was amazing, she still talks about it now.  They have a 7 day cruise visiting Northern European cities.  Before she became ill we took her to Paris and she loved it, and we talked about other places to visit and Bruges came up.  This would be a great way for her to visit without it tiring her too much getting there.

Cruise Number 4

This cruise we very nearly did last year for my 50th birthday, cruising around the Greek Islands, this is a cruise we are going to do one day, unfortunately it is one that I can only dream of for now as you board in Malta, so would have to fly as well.  I have been to Crete, Corfu and Kos in the past, and loved the islands, and have always wanted to go on a cruise touring the Islands.

Cruise Number 5

A cruise we do keep looking at is a 2 day cruise to Guernsey, as we do have to take C into consideration, and in reality at the moment this would probably be all she could manage.  It is also a great introduction to a cruise without committing to 7-14 days at sea.  We do have this cruise bookmarked as it will give us all a break, and I have never been to the Channel Isles before and would love to visit.

Cruise Number 6

The Norwegian Fjords cruise is one my husband would love to do, and has looked at them many times, being a photographer he knows he will get some amazing shots, I would prefer the Caribbean or somewhere nice an exotic, but would also like to do this cruise as well.  This is one that would be for the 2 of us so not a family holiday.

Have you ever been on a cruise?


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