March Round Up


April is here already, the clocks have gone forward and Spring is here, today has been lovely. So hopefully we are now going to start having spring weather, and lastly it is time for my March round up.

Starting with C

I will start as always with C, it has been a really hard month for her, those that follow her illness.  Around this time last year, that she had problems breathing and chest pains and we ended up in an ambulance being taken to hospital.  Unfortunately, it has returned and she can barely talk due to breathing problems.

Luckily, I know it is nothing to worry about, and a few others are also suffering the same. But for a 14 year old it is still pretty frightening. So I have been sitting in with her quite a bit trying to keep her calm.  No improvement in her other symptoms but we are getting used to this now.  Her tutor is great and seems to be working well with C.  I am finding the school holidays hard on her part. As she has lost contact with all her friends as she can not do the normal things that girls her age do. They just want to be out shopping and having fun.

A day out

I had a lovely day out a couple of weeks ago with my Mum, Mother in law, Daughter in law and gorgeous granddaughter, having my Nanny cuddles.  Unfortunately she is teething at the moment so we had a few grumbles. But she is such a happy little thing, and I am loving being a Nanny.  We still have our video chats, although when we had one yesterday she was more intent on trying to get hold of Mummy’s phone. The determination in her face was so funny.

A quiet month

As C has been worse this month, we have not really done much as needed to be around for her. Plus last weekend my Mum decided to break her wrist, so on top of looking after C, I have been helping her out as well.

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I hope you all had a great Easter, do you have anything nice planned for April?

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