Spring Is Here

Now that Spring is here and officially started, we have got the awful bank holiday weather out of the way. It is now time to start to look at getting outside and enjoying (hopefully) the nicer weather.

Spring has to be my favourite season of the year. As we say goodbye to the cold grey skies and say hello to the longer days and warmer weather.  I love to see the daffodils flowering adding colour to our gardens, and the trees start to blossom. This also means that I have to start to look at the garden again and making it summer ready.

Last year we started to transform our garden to make it easier to manage and look after. But we still have a lot to do.  This year we have decided to focus on our boarders and making the garden looking as nice as we can. We have given up on the grass for now. This is due to the rain and two dogs that play out there, and one who digs.

As we have been unable to get outside this weekend, I have been doing the next best thing and have been online window shopping, looking for great garden deals, and as always one of my first sites to visit is Groupon as they always have great deals and offers on.   I seem to have made a bit of a shopping list. Of things we need, or want, which I am sharing with you.

Bulbs and plants for our borders, as there is nothing nicer than the colours they bring, as well as the bees and butterflies.  We always look at replacing or adding new flowers each year.

We have been looking at replacing our garden furniture for 2 years, and we have decided we are definitely going to be replacing ours this year.  I can not visit our local garden centre without having a look at their furniture, and am always looking online.  I have found a few sets I have fallen in love with.

We have a very long garden and it can get quite dark and difficult to see, A lot of our solar lights have got damaged over winter, so these are a must purchase for us, and I love that we can  just put them into place and leave them.

How great is this parasol with LED’s, ok I admit I do not need this, but I really want this, and will make entertaining or just enjoying the warmer evenings a little brighter.

Have you started to think about getting your garden summer ready yet? Or have a shopping list of things you want or need?

If you still need inspiration have a look at Sophie’s post from Life As Mrs D with her plans for her garden.


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