The Real Full Monty


Last night many of us sat watching one program The Real Full Monty, you may remember I wrote a post following last years program, you can view the post here.  For those that have missed the show or the reason behind it I will do a little recap and the importance behind the show.

The real full monty

The Real Full Monty, is a group of celebrities lead by Ashley Banjo as their choreographer. They come together to learn that finale scene we all know and love from the film The Full Monty. Sharing along the way their personal reason for taking part.

The Real Full Monty, is to create awareness about Prostate Cancer, which is something a lot of men do not know they have, my Dad was one of these.

How Prostate cancer affected my family

One evening a few years ago, my Mum asked if I would mind taking them to A&E as Dad was worried as he was passing blood, we all thought it was an infection of some kind.  He was examined at the hospital and various tests, and was asked to return for various scans.  Then came the news he had Prostate Cancer, as you can imagine it was very scary time for us all.

The treatment

He underwent treatment, stays in hospital, various procedures, being checked regularly.  Then we were told it was progressing and had spread to his lymph glands.  This was two weeks before christmas. This was the first time I have ever seen my Dad be affected by his illness.  He got very down and thought this was it.  I had to be the strong one and keep positive. And say all the right things for him and for my Mum. When secretly my heart was breaking and I cried my heart out.

In the January, he underwent intensive course of radiotherapy and thankfully this worked, he is still being checked but his PSA is minimal and his lymph is also ok.  He has appointments every six months to check everything is going ok.

Why do men not get routine testing

The one thing I am very vocal about is women get smear tests and mammograms offered to them. But men have nothing and all that is needed for initial checks is just a quick blood test.

I would urge everyone to nag our nearest and dearest to get checked, it is important and life changing.

The girls turn

Tonight the women are doing it for the girls to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Well done to everyone who took part to raise awareness and share their personal stories

The Real Full Monty

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Comments (30)

  • Sarah Bailey 1 year ago Reply

    Prostate cancer is most definitely something everyone needs to know more about I think. It is something that some many people just don’t know much about. It is great awareness is being shown on TV.

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    It is something that needs to have more awareness made and what better way than tv and getting people talking about it x

  • Rhian Westbury 1 year ago Reply

    I am so sorry to hear about your dad but it’s great news that the treatment seemed to work. You’re totally right though there’s nothing to make men check themselves so I’ll be nagging my other half x

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    Thank you, he is doing great now and on his prostate is checked once a year now and lymphs twice a year still, but it could have been a much different story. It does take us women to nag our men x

  • Charli 1 year ago Reply

    Prostate cancer is so under diagnosed and we really do need to raise much more awareness of the condition. I don’t understand why men aren’t tested as standard like a woman is with her smear. I’m glad your Dad is doing well and I hope that continues!
    C x

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    I have said this all along, all the men need is a blood test surely that is something that would benefit and be much more affordable than if left and treatment of various kinds are needed x

  • Bethany 1 year ago Reply

    I think this is a great way of spreading awareness, my grandad also went to hospital due to passing blood.
    Thanks so much for sharing this, I hope it helps many people 🙏🏼

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    The problem is that symtoms can go unnoticed, a simple blood test would save a lot of treatments and loss of lives, such an important message to get across though x

  • Yeah Lifestyle 1 year ago Reply

    Thanks for sharing your story about your dad and glad he is feeling much better now. I do hope he fully recovers. We should ensure all our loved ones are checked especially if they have any symptoms.

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    Thank you, he is doing so well now, there was a time a few years ago I thought we were going to lose him, I have never felt so scared in my life. If caught even if it has spread you can still recover.

  • MELANIE EDJOURIAN 1 year ago Reply

    Prostate cancer isn’t as prominent in the media as breast cancer and so increasing awareness is really important. Many men don’t think to check for anything different and don’t realise until they have problems. Glad to hear your dad is doing better x

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    This is so true but it is one of the biggest killers, it just does not make sense to me, and being so close to my heart I do nag men quite a bit about it, but I would rather be known for a nag and saving a life than not saying anything at all x

  • The London Mum 1 year ago Reply

    It’s a shame it’s not more widely publicised how to test for prostate cancer. My uncle died of it years ago now. It was heartbreaking watching my father cry when he lost his youngest brother.

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    Prostate cancer is one of the biggest killers as it is a silent cancer really, and sad to think a regular blood test is all it takes to pick up on signs of it. surely this is something that can be put into practice as women have smear tests and mammograms

  • Bryanna Skye 1 year ago Reply

    I’m so sorry to hear about all you went through with your dad. The Real Full Monty sounds like such a good cause, and I’m glad to hear awareness is being spread

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    Thank you, it was scary but touch wood all going ok now, was such a great way to raise awareness x

  • Lilinha 1 year ago Reply

    Sounds like a great programme to raise awareness for such an important cause! I need to try to see it!

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    It is a great program and would definitely recommend watching it, they had the mens one night and the ladies the following night, both were great shows and everyone involved were amazing x

  • Tanya 1 year ago Reply

    I remember seeing a tv show about Ashley’s Banjos Full Monty and I think it’s such a great cause to support and promote. I’m sorry to hear what your Dad went through but I’m glad he came out the other side

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    Such a great way to raise awareness, I hope they carry on doing this now,it also shows you can come through it with treatment x

  • Kara Guppy 1 year ago Reply

    The first one came out just after a dear friend was diagnosed and I am so glad they have done it again to raise awareness. Did you watch the ladies one too?

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    It is such a great way to raise awareness, I hope your friend is doing ok as if caught it is not a killer. I did watch the ladies one they were amazing I had tears in my eyes after their performance x

  • Jem 1 year ago Reply

    Sorry to hear about your experiences with your dad. It’s so great that the power of tv can raise more awareness about it. I really hope it helps!

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    Thank you he is doing really well now, such a great way to riase awareness x

  • Nayna Kanabar 1 year ago Reply

    You are absolutely right that both men and women’s health are equally important. We must be aware and have regular checks.

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    We do, there seems to be procedures in place for women but nothing for men, a simple blood test is all the initial checks would take x

  • Melanie williams 1 year ago Reply

    So sad to hear your story about your dad. It is so important to raise awareness like this through articles just like yours x

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    Thank you, thankfully the treatment worked and he is doing great 🙂 but awareness is still needed x

  • Charli Bruce 1 year ago Reply

    Thank you for sharing your story about your dad and I’m glad he is feeling much better now. This is definitely something that needs more awareness raised for x

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    Thank you, it was scary at the time, but it shows just how easy it is to not know you are suffering, and more awareness is needed x

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