The Dunk.Stir.Enjoy Stirscription Box Review

This has to be a must read post for all chocolate and hot chocolate lovers out there, as this will be your dream shopping experience, and any chocolate lovers dream with the dunk.stir.enjoy stirscription box.

Coco Delicious was the idea of Laura, who became a self taught chocolatier from her kitchen table, and began selling locally to friends and family, until her business expanded and she moved to a unit selling to suppliers and gaining more and more customers.

Laura kindly sent me a box to review and give my honest opinion on, my first thought on opening the box was how lovely they were and it was such a shame to have to use them, but then my chocolate head took over and I could not wait to try them.

In the box I received

  • A chocolate lamb lollipop
  • An Easter Chick chocolate stirrer with marshmallows
  • A mini eggs chocolate stirrer with marshmallows
  • An Easter Bunny chocolate stirrer with marshmallows and an alcoholic tipple to add

My Daughter loves her hot chocolate and so I had to share with her letting her try the easter chick and mini eggs stirrers.

The first stirrer we tried was the mini eggs, I warmed some milk and we stirred in the spoon watching it melt and added the marshmallows on top.  I had to try it and can honestly say it was the best hot chocolate I have had in a very long time, and C agreed as well.

The next spoon we tried was the Easter Chick, I felt very guilty using it as it was beautifully made but was just as nice as the first one we tried.

I also let C have the lollipop which in her expert opinion, and girl of few words these days said it was lovely.

I also have a confession to make I have had the stirrer with a tipple, but forgot to photograph it, but was gorgeous and can recommend anyone trying this.  I had mine after I had been out when we had the snow.

If you are a chocaholic or know someone who is, you can order your stirscription box from here priced at £45. I can honestly say it is worth every penny as it really is the best hot chocolate I have tried in a very long time.





    • 27th March 2018 / 2:12 pm

      Thank you, it really is amazing hot chocolate x

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