Finding The Best Wood Flooring For Your Home

When we decorate our homes, we always want to have a showroom finish, well I do but it never looks like that although I am always happy with the finished results.  Apart from choosing colour scheme and wallpaper and paint, there is also the flooring to consider, do you go for carpet, laminate, or wood flooring? There is so much choice available these days.

I remember when I brought my first home, many years ago it had new carpets all the way through, so I never had to think about changing the carpets. But when I was planning on selling my property and doing all the things that needed touching up before putting it on the market, we decided to pull the carpet up and find a new one to just make it look a little nicer.  We were not ready for the surprise that we found under the carpet when we started to pull it up.  There staring back at us was parquet flooring and it was in great condition, we found that this went through the flat, we were shocked that someone could have covered this up.  So after cleaning and polishing it looked amazing and added so much more to the flat and was a great selling point.

Photo by Breather on Unsplash

Ever since finding the parquet flooring, I have wanted to have wooden flooring in my current home.  But with children and dogs needing the be taken into account now, would laminate flooring be better than real wood flooring? So we started our research

Laminate flooring is the cheaper option, and there is so much choice on wood colour, it is easy to install and easy to keep clean, and is durable enough to withstand children and dogs.  But I have always had a weakness for real wood ever since I remember when I was little, watching my Grandad who was a carpenter work, the smell of wood takes me back there all the time.

Photo by Nabila Fauzia on Unsplash

Real wood flooring is more expensive, but if you treat it properly it will last for years, it is easy to keep clean, and hard wearing like the laminate.  But where laminate can start to look old, with real wood flooring it is advised that you  sand the floor and revarnish every 5 years, and it will keep it looking like new, and save you the cost of replacing your flooring.

The only downside with real wood flooring is that it can not be used in the kitchen or bathroom due to the risk or moisture damage, which is where if you wanted choose laminate but make sure that it is one that can be used in kitchens or bathrooms.

When choosing your real wood flooring, you can choose from a variety of wood colours ranging from lighter to darker, and also opt for a floor that is shiny or one that is duller and has a distressed look, depending on your personal taste.

Have you got a real wood floor or considered having one?



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