Preparing Your Car For Winter Weather

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Although we are half way through February. You can not have got away from hearing the latest weather forecast and that snow is due to fall practically all of next week.  So before you head out in your car on your next trip, take a few minutes to ensure you and your car is ready for the wintry showers.

Check your tires 

This is something that we should all be doing on a regular basis, but with snow and ice due to be laying on some roads, take a few minutes to go around your car and check the tread on your tires.  If in doubt pop into a garage to have them checked.

Check window washers 

Make sure you are able to clean your windows when needed, and make sure your washer fluid is full.

Anti freeze 

Top up the anti freeze to help your engine start when cold.

Window Wipers 

You should already know if your wipers are ok, but if they are old look at changing them so you can keep your windows clean and you are able to see where you are going.


If you are like me and hate filling your car up with petrol, and keep on going that extra trip, don’t.  Make sure your petrol tank is full.  If you get stuck in traffic due to road closures or an accident, you can keep your engine running and keep warm without the risk of running out.

A Car Survival Kit 

Pack a little bag with a survival kit, just in case you get stranded including

  • A charger so you can keep your phone battery charged
  • A blanket to keep warm
  • Flask with a hot drink or soup
  • Water to keep hydrated
  • Snacks
  • Extra layers of clothes, socks, jumper, hate, gloves and scarf

If you are in doubt or worried about any of the above you can find out more from who have some great advice on how to stay safe.


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