How to Decorate your Living Room with Dark Wood Floors

Whether you choose a solid wood or engineered flooring, you will always have the trouble when choosing the colour. If you have decided to go for a dark floor. You have made an excellent choice as dark wood floors look amazing. Dark floors are not only gorgeous but they also help to create luxurious and sophisticated looks. So, how can you use them effectively in your home?

Use Light Wall Colours

When working with dark colours, its easy to fall in to the trap of making the room look and feel smaller. To avoid this, make sure you have lighter colours on your walls. This brightens up the room but doesnt distract from the beauty of the dark wood floor youve lovingly chosen. We dont mean you have to have white walls, but whatever colour you do opt for, make sure you stick to a neutral palette. This will also help when choosing your furniture as neutral walls match more easily with a wider range of furnishings and accessories.

Furniture Colours

As we just mentioned, neutral walls give you more versatility when it comes to your furniture. This means you can get truly creative and personable with your design choices. Dark floors match wonderfully with both lighter and darker colours and striking the balance gives a great professional finish to a room. With the interiors market booming, you may have noticed the bolder and highly pigmented colours are very much in right now. Were talking about those rich oranges and velvety purples. If youre a little cautious of using these daring colours, you can always introduce them softly with the few odd accessories such as cushions and ornaments. To add to the fluidity of the floor, you can try to match the floor and the legs of chairs and tables. This connects the floors and furnitures seamlessly.


Rugs are perfect for not only to giving a bit of colour to the place, but for also for adding a bit of texture to the room. For dark floors, a great way of making a statement is with a white rug. This creates a stark contrast and really makes the floor stand out. However, any colour and style of rug sits perfectly on top of a dark wood, so the choice is up to you. Aside from their design benefits, rugs are great practically too. Rugs bring traction, sound dampening and insulation properties, so are great allrounders.

As you can see, there are a lots of possibilities for a dark wood floor. Dont be intimidated by their darker shade, these are truly stunning floors that add a real touch of class to a property. As discussed in this post, there are limitless ways of brightening up a room if youre worried about it being too intense. So, what are you waiting for? Head out and find your perfect dark wood floor today!


How to Decorate your Living Room with Dark Wood Floors

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