Easy Steps To Increase Your Property Value

When you become a homeowner, along with paying the mortgage and bills, also comes the maintenance of the property, which if left can devalue how much your property is worth.  If you are thinking of moving I have a few ideas that will help you to maximise your property value.


This is something that is often over looked, if you are just wanting to maintain the value of your property you can decorate to your own taste, but if you are decorating to sell, try to keep things neutral as not everyone will have the same taste as you. You can also change a room dramatically with lighting, neon lighting can really change the feel of a room.


If your furniture is looking a bit old, why not give your furniture an update, or get a statement piece for your room like a tub chair which looks great and is practical.  Other ways to update your furniture or decor is throws and cushions which can add colour in a subtle way.


One of the most important rooms in your home, is the kitchen, and one of the easiest ways to keep value in your property is updating your kitchen, make sure there is plenty of storage space and try to keep the work tops clutter free.


Another important room is the bathroom, as with the kitchen this is another room you spend as much as you can on, as this is another room that can devalue a property.

These are just a couple of easy suggestions which will help you keep the value of your property.  Why not have a look here for a guide of tips and ideas.

*This is a collaboration post but all content is my own


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